Setting the Standards and Raising the Bar in Spine Surgery: Dr. Richard Francis

  • Date: Feb 25, 2015
  • Category: Health

Houston Spine Surgeon Dr. Richard Francis has once again been recognized in a major medical magazine publication. This time he’s featured in TexasMD, NsideTexas Medical Magazine. Dr. Francis is always on the cutting edge of the latest technology, not just for the sake of it but to be able to provide the added benefits to his patients when necessary.

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Feb 25, 2015 /prREACH/ -- Houston Spine Surgeon, Dr. Richard Francis, founder of Spine Associates in Houston and Beaumont, Texas was featured in and on the cover of the February 2015 Issue of Texas MD Houston for his commitment to his patients to do “Whatever it takes to give them his best”. Dr. Francis constantly strives to provide the highest level of care for his patients through his constant efforts to stay ahead of the curve. While working very long days, Monday through Saturday, Dr. Francis makes it his mission to see every single patient when they come into his office. Unlike many doctors, Dr. Francis will see patients late into the evenings or even on weekends if that’s what they need.

The philosophy at Spine Associates is to always treat the patients as conservatively as possible while also going through the process of determining exactly what the true cause of their pain or condition really is at the root level. Dr. Francis is a specialist in the treatment of scoliosis and other spine deformities and one of the few spine surgeons to work with children and adult patients. Dr. Francis is also one of the first surgeons in the nation asked to perform the artificial disc replacement and to use robotic assistance in spine surgery. Currently Dr. Francis not only uses the latest technology in robotic assisted spine surgery, he also trains other doctors in the use of the Mazor Robotics Surgical Guidance System.

“Pediatric and adult spine deformity surgery is a niche area even within our specialty”, says Dr. Francis. “At Spine Associates, our results have been nothing short of impressive. Some have even said breathtaking. Even after so many years, I still get excited when I see the change in our patients on the first visit after surgery. Our stated goal is get each person back to normal, physically, functionally and cosmetically.”

Dr. Francis’ practice; Spine Associates is grounded in their mission and values, which reflect their high regard for conservatism, quality of care, timeliness and the most up to date technology. Dr. Francis and his entire staff aspire to develop genuine relationships with each patient and ensure a safe and rewarding experience throughout every step of their treatment and recovery. The health of their patients is the benchmark of their success.

At Spine Associates they treat the spine, the whole spine and only the spine. Dr. Francis specializes in the treatment of spine deformities such as scoliosis, degenerative conditions, tumors, infections and metabolic diseases. Spine Associates cares for both local and international patients, children and adults—even the most challenging conditions—and excels in treating patients who have had unsuccessful spine surgery. Dr. Francis and his staff promise to provide the most advanced medical care—quickly, conservatively and with the utmost respect to their patients

For further information visit or Call 713-383-7100.

Spine Associates will be opening their new offices at 9301 Southwest Freeway, 6th Floor, Houston, TX 77074 in the very near future.

Current locations are at 5420 West Loop South, Suite 2500, Bellaire TX, 77401 and in Beaumont, TX at 3820 Pointe Parkway at Folsom Drive, Beaumont, TX 77706 Phone: 409-767-8221

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"I knew from the start that I wanted to do something special. Following extensive medical training in spine medicine and four years as Assistant Professor of Spine Surgery at the University of Texas Medical School, I knew exactly what it was."
- Richard R.M. Francis, M.D.
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