Sexy Lingerie Supplier Gearing Up For Valentine’s Day Specials

  • Date: Feb 02, 2015
  • Category: Fashion

Leading wholesale lingerie supplier, Wella Lingerie Co., Ltd, preparing for the annual Valentine’s Day rush with sexy special offerings unique for this time of the year.

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Feb 02, 2015 /prREACH/ -- People have historically spent quite a bit of money on Valentine's Day in order to express their unmatched devotion to their loved ones; and leading wholesale lingerie supplier, Wella Lingerie Co., Ltd is no stranger to this fact, having been in business since 1999 providing lingerie suppliers with the much needed supply to fulfill this demand.

Selling directly to lingerie retailers all across the world has offered the company unique insights into the types of intimate apparel that sells the best. This is the inspiration for their latest Valentine's Day lingerie collection that the company improves year after year. By constantly getting feedback from their ever growing customer base of lingerie buyers, the company has made the adjustments necessary to ensure their Valentine's Day offerings have the impact one would desire for such an intimate gift.

While lingerie in general is already a present reserved for special occasions, the preference for certain styles that are a bit more adventurous and colors during this special romantic holiday requires proper planning by the experienced company. Add to the fact that in order to make an impression, buyers are constantly expecting even more from lingerie manufacturers and one can see the challenge of being a leader in this industry. While the standard options one would expect such as babydolls and teddies are top of the list, a higher demand for accessories such as blind folds and furry handcuffs make the production even more entertaining for the employees at the company who adore the environment at the workplace during this time of the year.

A successful company such as Wella Lingerie Co., Ltd understands the increased workload during peak holidays such as this and reward employees who come up with the new ideas that make it to full production. Knowing this, one can understand why this lingerie company consistently leads the industry in unique lingerie options that sell extraordinarily well.

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Judy Zhang


We at the company love this time of the year because of all the unique special designs we get to release that are unique just for Valentine's Day.
- Judy Zhang
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