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    Sili-Lids Silicone Lids and Food Covers on Sale for Limited Time

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    Life Quintessentials Sili-Lids Silicone Lids and Food Covers are going on sale for a limited time. Create airtight seal that protects food and can be used from freezer to oven and even the microwave plus includes bonus spatula.

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    Life Quintessentials has announced it is reducing the price on the LQ Sili-Lids silicone lids and food covers to 50 percent off MSRP for a limited time only. This price reduction results in major savings for buyers, but it’s only good for a short time. The product can be purchased at Amazon.com for just $14.97 instead of the usual list price of $29.97.

    The product comes in a set of four lids that can be reused and also serve as bowl covers to keep food warm or fresh. These lids create an airtight seal to keep food from drying out. They come in four sizes to fit a variety of bowls and pans, including six, eight, ten and twelve inches. They fit tight on rimmed bowls and work with all kinds of materials, including metal, plastic, ceramic, wood, glass and stainless steel.

    These lids replace plastic wrap, aluminum foil or wax paper when storing food away on the counter, refrigerator or freezer. They are also microwave safe, so they can be used to heat up foods and avoid splatters. Cover pans on stovetops and don’t worry about melting or a fire risk.

    The lids are also dishwasher safe and provide for easy clean-up. The silicone is FDA food grade, and is BPA free. Because the lids are safe for up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, they can be used in the oven. They also work in the freezer and provide protection to -40 degrees.

    Sili-Lids silicone lids and food covers can store leftovers, keep in steam when cooking or maintain specific temperatures for food and drink. The set comes with a free silicone spatula which won’t scratch or harm pots and pans.

    Customers have already discovered the benefits of using these lids in their kitchens. As Heather11883 stated...

    "Using these lids cuts down on dirty dishes and the time to transfer leftover foods from serving bowls to storage containers."

    Her favorite use was to prevent spaghetti sauce from splattering everywhere, which reduces the amount of mess and clean-up time in the kitchen.

    The lids come in bright blue, making it easy to find and they make attractive and practical gifts for friends and family for holidays or as housewarming presents.

    Life Quintessentials provides a 100 percent money back guarantee for these lids, which makes them risk free. With this limited time sale of 50 percent off, purchase multiple sets to have enough lids for all storage needs or to give as gifts.

    Life Quintessentials, is consistently committed to the highest standard of excellence when it comes to their home and kitchen products and providing a superior customer experience. If you would like to learn more about Life Quintessentials and their top rated and top selling home and kitchen products, check them out at LifeQuintessentials.com

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    Using these lids cuts down on dirty dishes and the time to transfer leftover foods from serving bowls to storage containers.
    - Sili-Lids Cutomer Heather11883
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