Silicon Valley, CA – Communities are creating local fundraisers through the “Fathers for Families” program.

  • Date: May 13, 2014
  • Category: Family

Fathers for Families empowers men to be the best fathers they can be through the use of products, tools, books, and blogs.

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May 13, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Fathers for Families is a support and educational organization that provides valuable training and resources so that men of honor can meet their family’s needs. Examples include creating an annual burger cook-off party that encourages people to get together in a simple, fun, and respectable way. Organizing hiking trips and healthy activities to entertain all and provide ample opportunity for real-life lesson learning.

The simple yet fundamental togetherness that these activities create foster quality together time that both fathers and their kids remember plus they provide viatl openings for talking and sharing.

Whether it is a burger cook-off with music and create-your-own dessert stations, or whether it is gathering the troops to have an entertaining classic car show, the tips and techniques from Fathers for Families will equip fathers to build great memories and stronger relationships with their children. It’s easy and fun, and this site can show fathers how.

With easy-to-use kits, books and videos, Fathers for Families will make available resources to teach and train children about living an honorable life. Topics include finance, healthy dating, fundraising for a community event, planning for the future, respectful behavior and more. See them here. There are hundreds of ways to use these resources on this priceless and informational site. Build great relationships with children, plus encourage other dads for kids and community.

Fundraiser Kits are especially valuable as they are setup to get everything needed to get a fundraiser started. Fathers for Families even provides sample art that can be taken to any print shop and have text applied for flyers and banners. There is also a PDF booklet that goes through all the How-To’s needed to put on a great event! Get all three and create a memorable community event! Fathers for Families knows that doing it together is doing it better!

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"Finally, some resources that are fun for men to really help participate in local community fundraisers."
- Joel Wissing
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