Sled Wraps Company Braap Wraps Featured at the 2015 Winter X Games in Aspen, CO

  • Date: Jan 16, 2015
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Colorado Custom Sled Wrap Company, Braap Wraps (, Will Sponsor Pro Snowmobile Racer Calvin Felker at the 2015 Winter X Games in Aspen, CO January 22nd – 25th.

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Jan 16, 2015 /prREACH/ -- On January 25, 2015, pro snowmobile racer, Calvin Felker from Fort Collins Colorado, will be competing in Hillcross at the Winter X Games in Aspen Colorado aboard a 350 horsepower Aerocharger Turbo Ski-Doo.

Braap Wraps, also based in Fort Collins, has been put in charge of 'wrapping up' the final touches with a custom sled wrap.

Braap Wraps has been featured around the world and is easily recognized by their unique approach to custom sled wraps, with detailed themed art, that transform sleds into things like nostalgic World War II P-51 Mustangs, and P-40B Flying Tiger warplanes.

Calvin Felker had this to say. "X Games is a huge opportunity, and we have to look unique and stand apart out there. I always like to see something different on the snow, and Wes(Braap Wraps) is the best at creating something that turns heads. He's a highly talented artist, and he's been doing it forever. We know a themed wrap by Braap Wraps will help us look awesome on race day."

Braap Wraps' founder and artist, Wesley Reiff, had this to say. "I'm stoked to be asked to showcase one of my designs at such a prestigious event and thrilled to be working with such a world class athlete. Calvin Felker is the cream of the crop."

The Hillcross event will feature head to head competition on an extreme uphill race with snocross inspired jumps.

Felker was selected as one of the elite racers invited to compete at this years event. Other names on the list include Carl Kuster, Chris Burandt, Keith Curtis and Levi LaVallee, the former champion who will be back to defend his title from 10 years ago when it was last competed in 2004.

Jerry with Aerocharger had this to say. "The X Games sleds all get taken apart and put back together, basically from the frame up. Aerocharger Racing has a lot of knowledge built up from years of racing, but the ace in the hole is still the Aerocharger - it's hands down the most effective turbo anyone can put on a snowmobile. Aerochargers spool faster than any other turbocharger and have a ridiculously strong power band. Calvin's a hell of a rider, and he'll be making every pound of boost work for him in Aspen."

Once they are built, the sleds will be taken to top secret locations for some testing and then make there way to Braap Wraps to get their wraps installed.

What can one expect to see on the wrap? That remains top secret as well, but it will feature the sponsors that make racing possible, including the main sponsors Aerocharger Turbos and Braap Wraps.

To follow the excitement and cheer on Calvin, connect with Braap Wraps on Facebook and visit their website for some X Games promo pricing.

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We know a themed wrap by Braap Wraps will help us look awesome on race day.
- Calvin Felker (Pro Snowmobile Racer/X Games Competitor)
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