Sleeping Mask Eye Cover Offers Innovative Design For Better Sleep


SnoozeCovers, a company concerned with sleep quality in the design of their products, releases a revolutionary new pillowcase that has a sleeping mask for men and women attached.

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Venice, California, Jun 11, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Consumers who use eye covers for sleeping to help them get better shut-eye will look forward to a new, innovative product that will make their sleep even more comfortable and convenient all night long.

Reports show that many people use eye covers to keep out annoying light while they sleep, but these sleeping masks can get lost or come off easily during the night. With this in mind, SnoozeCovers, a US-based brand, has launched a revolutionary new product with a feature that acts as a replacement for traditional masks. Its new sleeping mask for men and women takes an innovative approach to keeping light out during sleep.

Allowing people to block unwanted light during their sleep extremely effectively, SnoozeCovers is a pillowcase that has an additional sheet of soft, 100% cotton-jersey fabric that folds comfortably over one’s eyes when going to sleep. The eye cover is conveniently sewn onto the pillowcase itself, so that users who need to sleep during the day or with artificial lights can easily access it once in bed.

Paolo Dobrowolny, spokesperson for SnoozeCovers, says, “Clinical studies show that light exposure during sleep negatively impacts and disrupts your sleep, but also has the potential to influence your metabolism! Traditional sleeping masks can be really uncomfortable and easy to lose in your bed while moving during sleep. They are difficult to find and constantly out of reach when the sunlight starts moving into your bedroom in the morning. SnoozeCovers fixes all of these issues with its smart design that blocks unwanted light and helps you get a better and healthier sleep, hands down.”

It is exceedingly important to get a good night’s sleep. Bodies naturally have trouble sleeping when there is too much light. According to Science Daily, “Light exposure during sleep has been shown to disrupt sleep, but these data indicate that it may also have the potential to influence metabolism.”

SnoozeCover has designed their products, backed by extensive scientific evidence, to also function as a sleeping mask for girls and boys. As schedules continue to change and the hours of work fluctuate, people in all parts of the world can benefit from products such as these that increase the quality of sleep.

Those interested in SnoozeCovers’ revolutionary new pillowcase with an eye cover fold out can visit the SnoozeCovers website or its Amazon storefront.


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SnoozeCovers makes a revolutionary pillowcase with a soft eye cover allowing people to block unwanted light during their sleep.
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