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    Smile Design Studio, FL Now Using Whitening + Zoom Technology

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    Dr. Mark Falco of Smile Design Studio in Florida is now using Philips’ Zoom technology as a part of their in-office teeth whitening process.

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    Smile Design Studio has begun implementing a whole new version of teeth whitening by using Philips’ Zoom technology. This Zoom technology helps whiten teeth in just 45 minutes due to an all-new Whitening LED Accelerator.

    This Zoom Chairside Light-Activated Gel is applied to the teeth during an in-office whitening visit. A light is then used to accelerate and enhance the whitening process. The gel is applied and followed up with the light accelerator three times in 15-minute intervals.

    According to a survey conducted by Philips in 2011, only 20 percent of adults have had their teeth whitened by in-office treatments while 77 percent of adults agree that a whiter smile is achieved by a dental professional.

    Dr. Falco at Smile Design Studio is listening to adults speaking out about wanting whiter teeth and helping them make it more convenient by providing Whitening + Zoom in his office.

    The Whitening + Zoom technique implemented is not only fast, but safe too.  According to Smile Design Studio, “The gel and light will work together to break up the yellow stains on your teeth. The structure of your teeth will remain completely unchanged.”

    Philips’ Zoom can benefit just about everyone seeking whiter teeth. The process works best on those that have yellow stains caused by aging, tobacco use, drinking dark tea and cola, red wine and coffee. It can also improve results for those who have a gray shading on their teeth due to tetracycline and other chemicals.

    Over the counter options are available for whitening teeth, but for many, these measures tend not to be as effective as an in-office visit. Over the counter options can take a lot longer for results to be noticeable and sometimes do not achieve the same effect that occurs from an in-office whitening session.

    To learn more about the Smile Design Studio, Mark Falco DMD.MS, and teeth whitening, visit http://www.smilesbydrfalco.com/mark-a-falco-dmd-ms/

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