Snap Pop Beads Kit for Kids Launches, Promotes Creativity & Learning


SmitCo LLC has just announced that its new Pop Beads Kit is now available on Amazon. This sensory stimulating toy is designed to encourage creativity and develop fine motor skills in young children.

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Belton, MO, Aug 07, 2019 /prREACH/ -- SmitCo LLC is pleased to announce the launch of its new snap beads for kids. This innovative jewelry making kit comes with 725 pieces, and allows little users to create endless 3D designs by connecting colorful beads. The brand says that this product has been created to encourage stem learning and develop fine motor skills in children aged 3 years and up, while keeping them completely entertained. The set is currently selling successfully on Amazon.

Studies show that creativity is a key component of health and happiness, and a core skill to practice with kids. Playing with sensory toys helps promote learning through the senses. Sensory play includes any activity that stimulates a young child's senses of touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing, as well as anything that engages movement and balance. Through this learning, children develop fine and gross motor skills, creativity, language skills, and much more, says the company.

SmitCo's pop beads kit comes with brightly colored beads in various shapes, sizes and textures. These beads can be snapped together easily to create necklaces, headbands, bracelets, and rings. SmitCo strongly believes that crafting their own jewelry will make kids more creative. The objective of this product is to help increase interest in problem solving in a kid-friendly manner.

"Keeping your children safe is a SmitCo priority. All of the beads are BPA, lead, and odor free, and made out of durable, non-toxic ABS plastic. We're also proud to have received a Children's Product Certificate, ensuring each kit complies with the applicable children's product safety rules, "said a spokesperson from SmitCo LLC.

The snap lock beads come in a convenient carrying box with a detachable tray to keep them safe and organized. The color of these boxes may be blue, pink or green. The product comes with a 2-sided booklet with tips and instructions for users.

"Very good quality--keeps my granddaughters entertained for quite a while, allowing them to create some original and beautiful pieces that they love to wear," an impressed buyer mentions in her Amazon review of the product.

More information about SmitCo Pop Beads Kit is available on SmitCo's official website and Amazon storefront.


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