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    Soil in Okinawa Coupled With a Patented, Ground-breaking Process Produces The World’s Most Significant Supplement.

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    Taking a closer look at the amazing properties of Turmeric. With the continued rise of major diseases as well as the exponential costs and side effects associated with traditional healthcare, many people are exploring natural health treatments for disease prevention and elimination of serious health conditions.

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    Fall turmeric is rich in curcumin while the spring turmeric is rich in minerals and essential oils that are needed for absorption.  The best turmeric on the market is made by a company called, Enagic.  It is a Japanese company based in Okinawa.  This company not only carefully blends the fall and spring turmeric, it has a number of other features that makes Enagic’s turmeric called Ukon, a game changer.

    The quality of turmeric is largely related to the quality of the cultivated soil that it is being produced from.  Recent research has shown a superior efficacy in turmeric grown in Okinawa over turmeric grown in other parts of Southeast Asia.  The difference may be credited to several factors.  The rich organic, fertile and well drained Okinawan soil is perfectly suited to grow and cultivate turmeric.   According to Shuichi Mizuno, MD (the herbal medicine researcher), “Okinawan soil is the best because it contains  rich calcium from corals and shells, and it is well drained.”  Additionally, the location of Okinawa is at just the right angle to the sun to give the perfect length of sunshine for growing this crop.  The best temperatures for a turmeric crop are between 68 to 86 degree Fahrenheit – the temperatures found in Okinawa.

    The turmeric sold by Enagic’s Ukon, is grown in the Yambaru region on the northern tip of Okinawa.  This area is often referred to as “nature’s treasure” in Japanese.   The deep forests of this region have been constantly free of environmental pollutants.  The longevity of the people from this part of the world is also well known.  Not only is Enagic’s Ukon, grown in the best soil with the most perfectly suited environment, the organically grown Ukon farms are 100% free of herbicides or pesticides which are typically used in conventional lower-quality farming.

    Once harvested, all of Enagic’s Ukon is processed using an innovative technique to maximize purity and potency.  This state-of-the art process is so ground-breaking that Enagic obtained a patent for it.

    Consumers interested in how to get started on this incredibly healthy supplement can contact Marianne Greer at 503-449-5242 or at [email protected]

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    Health is the greatest wealth and for those that say, "I will start tomorrow", tomorrow could bring disease so start today.
    - Marianne Greer
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