Spa Dealer San Diego Shares Hot Tubs Health Advice For The New Year


Hot Tub Dealer San Diego Offering Portable Spas For Sale Gives 3 Tips to Improve Health and Live Better. Provides Free Hot Tub Test Soaks to All San Diego Residents.

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Dec 20, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Carddine Spas, BBQs and Patio with hot tub and gas grill showrooms in San Diego, San Marcos and Temecula publishes health tips for the new year. “There’s no better time to think about making important changes to your way of life than on New Year’s Eve,” said Julian Sanchez, president of Carddine Spas. “The time-honored tradition of the New Year’s resolution is tailor made for making the types of alterations necessary to improve your way of life.” Here are 3 ways to improve health and live better that everyone can start at any time.

Lighten Up and Smile More – Moods can have a dramatic effect on health. One of the easiest ways to improve mood and enjoy the benefits of a more stable equilibrium is to stop punishing oneself over perceived weaknesses. People make mistakes. They stumble in their efforts. They even fail sometimes. It’s all normal. Unfortunately, beating up oneself over these little life events is also normal. Even though it’s normal, it has a terrible effect on people’s bodies.

Eat Veggies – Portion control, calorie counting and all of the other time honored diet traditions are a good way to get rid of excess weight. However, they are time consuming and people often do them wrong and then get frustrated when their diet doesn’t work. Instead of getting stressed out further by the tight controls of a rigid diet, simply vow to eat more vegetables at every meal. Loading up on vegetables automatically cuts calories as most veggies are very low in calories. It also increases fiber to help bodies keep moving properly to get rid of waste in the system. Best of all, by making at least half of a meal consist of one or a variety of vegetables people get filled up faster and eat less of the higher calorie items.

Find Ways to Relax with a San Diego Hot Tub – Life is stressful enough without being even more stressed at home. The home should be a refuge from the day’s aggravations and stress. Add a hot tub to the patio or backyard for an instant comfort spot that will soak away all of the day’s frustrations while soothing tight muscles and reducing aches and pains. Hot tubs are available in many sizes for the perfect fit for any family or space, and come with plenty of extra options to create a spa-like getaway that doesn’t require frequent flier miles or monthly fees to enjoy.

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There’s no better time to think about making important changes to your way of life than on New Year’s Eve.
- Julian Sanchez, president of Carddine Spas
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