Stefanie Blue Launches New Online Community for Women


True Blue Woman (TM), an online membership community for women, has launched. The website provides empowerment and inspiration for personal growth, professional growth, and to improve the lives of others.

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May 04, 2015 /prREACH/ -- Stefanie Blue, owner and photographer of True Blue Portrait and True Blue Vision, has launched a new online community for women.  She reports that she has been so blessed to work with many experts, speakers, authors, and coaches, and has found a dynamic way to connect those experts with an audience.

There are 3 primary components to the new site. First, there is the area for women to share and learn about personal growth, such as improving relationships, mom hacks, managing stress, and improving self-concept.  As a professional photographer, Stefanie often sees clients dealing with low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and other personal struggles.  In addition, Stefanie has a Master's in Social Work.  So while she has enjoyed connecting with women that she personally works with, and helping them build their confidence, she realized she needed to do something on a broader scale.

Next is the area of marketing and business development.  Stefanie has been teaching Pinterest and Facebook workshops and webinars for the last couple of years.  She uses social media for her business, which has led to conversations with business clients on how they can market their business through social media.  As an entrepreneur for nearly 10 years, Stefanie has picked up many tips and tricks that she enjoys sharing with others, to help them grow their business.  True Blue Woman members may also look forward to guest articles from many business experts, with even more smart ways to improve their business skills.

And finally, True Blue Woman offers women the opportunity to learn how they can get involved, and do social good - whether it's to support fair trade, to help a woman in a third-world county, to help a victim of domestic violence in their neighborhood, or to help a friend or family member.  Stefanie excitedly reports that she has been actively networking and having amazing conversations with wonderful women, and a common theme kept arising:   women want to do something meaningful and purposeful with their lives.  They want to give back.  They want to do good.  They just don't always know where to start.

The True Blue Woman membership site provides members exclusive access to a variety of resources as well as community events, charitable causes, and volunteer opportunities for various non-profits.  Membership is less than $10/month and comes with many benefits.  Besides business resources, community, and causes, members are invited to a closed Facebook group to keep the conversations going and to support each other.  Each month, members also receive a free webinar or video.  There are new articles added every week, and even a weekly recipe.

The True Blue Woman is a woman who lives in integrity, and desires to be a better person, to build a stronger business, and to help her fellow sisters.  Interested ladies who wish to join the online community, or contribute by sharing their expertise, should consider becoming a True Blue Woman and join in the commitment to making the world a better place.

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