Substance Abuse in the Workplace Dangerously Increasing, Comments Doctor

  • Date: Jul 09, 2019
  • Category: Health

Dr. Kevin Fleming releases revelatory study that outlines the dynamics of substance abuse among professionals and executives.

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Tulsa, OK, Jul 09, 2019 /prREACH/ -- The effects of substance abuse in the workplace are not usually associated with the higher echelons of the business world. The traditional stereotypes about drug users--unemployed, down-and-out, and struggling--have been challenged by an erudite new study by Dr. Kevin Fleming, Founder of Grey Matters International, who believes that workplace substance abuse among executives is more prevalent than anyone has ever imagined.

Dr. Fleming has more than a decade's experience treating professionals in the grip of substance misuse and addiction. Now more than ever, Dr. Fleming and Grey Matters International are looking at the far reaching effects of substance abuse and its impact on individuals, families, and the nation. The article elucidates the varied causes, signs, and symptoms, offering ways in which to recognize the signs of substance abuse among professionals.

In the article, Dr. Fleming writes: "Because so many executive professionals are directly linked to the safety of the general public, impairments to functioning caused by substance abuse can be serious. Pilots, dentists, and doctors impaired by substances pose a direct risk to the safety of other individuals and the consequences have the potential to be dire."

This spectrum of drug abuse often goes unnoticed, mostly because of the apparent success of the professionals in question. In depth research allows for methods to combat an increasingly dangerous problem.

High stress situations and demanding schedules present some of the most likely causes for the boom in substance abuse. Remarkably, Dr. Fleming's study shows that the majority of drug users are either employed or looking for work, which reflects the correlation between work-related stress, schedules, and attitudes to the propensity of drug use among the population.

Despite the daunting, and often hard to trace, causes and effects of substance abuse among professionals, Dr. Fleming is confident that steps can be taken to ensure the recovery from the most gripping addictions. Therapy, family support, and preventative skills training in the workplace can all help to mitigate the dangers of drug abuse in the workplace among executives.

Opening up a conversation about drug use outside of prevalent connotations seems to be an essential step in this process, a step that Dr. Fleming's work takes, asking for a conversation around this touchy subject.

The study makes use of revealing statistics that many may find useful in their personal and professional lives. Those interested in more information regarding the dynamics around drug use in the workplace should visit the Grey Matters International official website.


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