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    Success without Significance means nothing to speaker, coach, and business owner Erna Basson

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    For most people it takes their entire lives to create a successful business, and start focusing on making an impact and leaving a legacy, however Erna Basson is not most people. At not even 30 years old, she already built and sold multiple businesses, she has been featured on international media, and spoke on stages around the world… So what’s next?

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    Erna Basson has started to set her sights on how she can make an impact and leave a lasting legacy of significance.  Over the past year Basson’s business empire has absolutely exploded, some of this is due to her exposure on some of the biggest stages as a top international speaker.  When she spoke early February at an event, sharing the stage with Randi Zuckerburg, she caught the attention of someone who would bring about a life changing moment.  When she stepped on stage she commended and captivated the attention of those in attendance, and some of the other speakers as well.

    As a result of her outstanding performance she was able to catch the attention of none other then Ndaba Mandela, Nelson Mandela’s grandson who was also speaking at the same event, to the extent that Basson is now business partners with Mandela on an entrepreneurial program in South Africa.  Basson not only has been focusing on the change she can bring to her own life, but how she can bring change to others as well.  With that in mind she knows first hand that anyone can make their dream a reality if they have the correct coach to guide them, and determination to get where they want to go.

    No one can tell Erna Basson that it can’t be done, because as a mother, wife, and young adult she is shattering the glass ceiling.  Basson has graced the covers of 5 different magazines in the past few months alone.  All of these features are pointing to her massive success and how she is leading others to do the same.  Basson is not only an inspiration but the person that can walk someone step by step on how to create the business and life they want through her coaching.  At first, some more experienced business owners were slightly reluctant to listen to the advice of a young woman however, after Fast Company names Basson a top 30 entrepreneur under 30 years old, even the most experienced take notice.  It is not about the amount of time you have put into building your business, it is the amount of results that your business has generated.  Basson knows how to get results regardless if it’s coaching, speaking, or starting a new business, she has the blueprint, work ethic, and right guidance to make it happen.

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    “The only difference between your reality and your dream is the amount of work you are willing to put in.”
    - Erna Basson
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    Francie Baldwin



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