Succulent Planter Pots Brand Comments on Upwards Gardening Trend


The use of succulent planters in home decor and gardening has boomed in recent years. H Potter, the company behind premium garden products, gives reasons why the small plants and their pretty pots are trending.


Aug 30, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Recent reports show that succulent planter pots are being used increasingly among both avid gardeners and home decor enthusiasts. Dubbed the “latest gardening trend”, not only does this small plant pot make its mark as a versatile decor accessory, but they are typically easier to maintain, points out a popular gardening products company.

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H Potter, known for its range of gardening and decor products, has recently commented on the succulent plant trend. With the vast health benefits and ease of care, the company says that succulent plants in “cute” planter pots have become a popular choice among customers today.

“Based on customer demand, we recently relaunched our two pack succulent planter pots on Amazon. Sales so far have been great, and with summer winding down, more and more people are looking for an easy plant to care for indoors. You can dress succulents up in stylish pots, and best of all, they don’t require nearly as much water and maintenance as the usual house plant,” says Jerry Peed, H Potter’s senior spokesperson.

Peed says a major factor for the upwards trend of small potted succulents is the fact that a variety of pots and planters can be used to decorate outdoor spaces, gardens, and the inside of homes. Home decor enthusiasts in particular flock to succulent planter pots, their creativity flourishing, in an effort to introduce some green to their homes and offices.

“Even on social media, photos and information about succulents is dominating gardening chatter,” Peed says. “People blog about it, such as dos and don’ts of potting succulents, advice and tips on how to best pot them, how to trim them, when to water… it’s become an art form.”

On Amazon, H Potter’s relaunched succulent planters have proven popular among shoppers. With an antique copper finish, the set of two small pots for succulent plants are handcrafted from stainless steel and contain a clear lacquer top coat. Each planter pot is approximately four inches in diameter, with the top opening to about three inches. And, the company has included a custom drainage saucer for each small pot.

A happy Amazon customer says in her five star review:

“These pots are very unique and just the right size I needed. The quality blew me away and this is a very good price for the set of two. I am extremely happy with this purchase because these are my new favorite pots.”

Avid home decorators and gardeners can visit H Potter’s official website or Amazon storefront for more information.


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