Susan Sheehan Launches New Brain Training Bootcamp


USA – Susan Sheehan, a veteran personal and professional success coach is utilizing the power of the brain for her clients.

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May 21, 2018 /prREACH/ -- Susan Sheehan, renowned business coach, launches new brain training program.

Susan Sheehan has leveraged her extensive experience in the industry to launch her new coaching and international speaking business. Sheehan - international speaker, best selling author, managing partner in SMARTCOACH7, creator of the Live Free 40 + Plan and is now known as an authority on brain training.

Working closely with JT Foxx, the Worlds #1 Wealth Coach, she has learned to utilize her skills and learn how to coach and educate people from all around the world on how to use their minds in the most beneficial way to create the best possible life. With her new launch, she now offers the 'BRAIN Training Boot Camp', a proven step by step personal and professional development program which can either be delivered as a 3-day event or as a personal program.

Her business process and model is to dive deep into how the brain works and how one can master being in control. Sheehan is also now offering a menopause relief principle program, geared towards woman over the age of 40, she closely links the brain training into this program to offer guidance to any and all woman. Sheehan is focusing on including lifestyle solutions, nutrition, exercise, and values into this program.

According to Sheehan, "People know me for my business coaching and international speaking but what they aren't aware of is the fact that I have gone through many trials and tribulations in my personal life to get here. I have survived the death of a daughter, rape, domestic abuse and has a son with an intellectual disability."

Through the BRAIN training boot camp, Sheehan wants to find a solution for people going through anything similar to what she has been through, to take control and aid them in a better life. To find out more information about Susan Sheehan and her BRAIN Training Boot Camp and her other coaching, please be sure to visit her official website ‘meet Susan Sheehan’.

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Success is the process of continually growing and improving oneself. It starts with overcoming doubt, fear, anxiety, low self-worth and procrastination and as a result of quality thinking and intended action… it can all be learned
- Susan Sheehan
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