Business Success

Company Productivity & Success Diagnosed, Strategized by New Method

LEGEND offers new Impact X-Ray method that diagnoses hidden hang-ups in companies.

How to Achieve New Year’s Resolutions With Surya Success

Surya Success™ launches a 30-Day New Year’s Challenge, integrating exercises designed to create the psychological environment necessary to achieve even the loftiest of goals.

Top Executives Join the Cutting Edge of Corporate Health and Wellness with Surya Success

Surya Success™ makes it easier than ever for business leaders to tap into one of the fastest growing trends in corporate culture by providing innovative executive programs and co-producing one of the largest health and wellness events of its kind.

What All Executives Can Learn From Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s ability to influence and inspire millions of people created one of the most powerful movements in American history. Surya Success™ launches a 30-Day Success Challenge for a select number of business leaders to support them in amplifying the imperative qualities of confidence, clarity, and leadership.

New Office Yoga–A Simple Tool for Executives To Recharge and Maximize Productivity

Many of today’s top CEOs and business leaders use yoga and meditation as a means to gain the clarity of mind necessary for handling the stress of high level demands. Surya Success™ offers powerful breathing exercises that can sharpen concentration, boost clarity and help busy executives achieve even more than “yoga results” in a fraction of the time.

Surya Success Energizes Clients with Leading-Edge Stress Management

Tailored for professional schedules, Surya Success™ teaches today’s CEOs and Executives how to reduce stress and maximize success with a pioneering breathing practice. Marked improvements have been reported in daily well-being.