Notebooks & Journal Benefits for Female Entrepreneurs Highlighted by Brand

Pretty Productive owner, Jenelle Amelia, is promoting journaling success for female entrepreneurs and creatives through her line of journals and notebooks meant to inspire women to set goals and achieve them. Amelia recently outlined the many benefits of journaling.

  • Date: May 13, 2014
  • Category: Family

Silicon Valley, CA – Communities are creating local fundraisers through the “Fathers for Families” program.

Fathers for Families empowers men to be the best fathers they can be through the use of products, tools, books, and blogs.

Planned Development Services Announces New Office Location

Planned Development Services, a leader in HOA Management in the Phoenix Valley, moves to a new office location in Peoria.

Arizona HOA, Planned Development Services Launches New Website

Planned Development Services new website goes live April 10, 2014