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Spray-Lock Concrete Protection Is A Hit For Cheney Stadium, Tacoma WA

Mortenson Construction used SCP 327 to protect the concrete on the new Bullpen Party Deck at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma, WA because of its curing qualities [reduced cracking] and for quicker access. Once SCP was applied to the raised deck, the construction crew was able to access the slab within one-hour. This immediate access allowed the contractors to finish the job ahead of schedule, opening the 70,000 square foot deck just 20 days after time-of-placement. Continue reading

Concrete Waterproofing with Spraylock SCP 327 at Univ. Of Washington New YMCA Center

After Spray-Lock application, tests showed that SCP 327 penetrated over 7.5 inches into the 9-inch thick wall, reducing potential for moisture issues, efflorescence, and shrinkage cracking. Thirty days later, there was no shrinkage cracking and no evidence of moisture or water intrusion through the wall. Continue reading