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Millionaire Investors Slate Real Estate as their # 1 Investment for 2014

Millionaire investors have set their sights on a recovering real estate market as fixed-income yields stubbornly remain at a historical low and equities surge. Despite concern about availability of properties for sale, Kent Clothier says investors have little to be concerned about. Continue reading

Kent Clothier Releases a Series of Free Lessons for Real Estate Investors

In a step-by-step series of free real estate investment training lessons for New Investors, Kent Clothier discloses his strategies, his methods, his philosophies and his systems without charging a penny. Continue reading

Real Estate Investment Report Reveals Top 100 Counties With Vacant Properties

During the last year, the hot topic for real estate investors nationwide has been the lack of real estate inventory. However, a recent report released by Kent Clothier and Find Motivated Sellers Now clearly shows that there are plenty of vacant properties out there, and Clothier’s system helps investors find them. Continue reading

Compelling New Testimony for Real Estate Investment Systems That Work

Real estate investment “gurus” and systems are easy to come by, but which ones do you trust? Opinions abound, but a recent survey of real estate investors shows what real investors think of Kent Clothier and his system Find Motivated Sellers Now. Continue reading