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The World Premiere of The Rainbow Bridge opens at the Ruskin July 21

Just when Jerry thought he’d moved on from his family drama, his mother and sister come back to haunt him…literally. The battle he must wage in this fearless and merciless new comedy will remind us all about those hot buttons we keep buried just below the surface. Be brave and you just may enjoy a good cry while you’re laughing…. Continue reading

  • Date: Mar 31, 2015
  • Category: Health

Tattoo Removal Can Boost Confidence and Increases Happiness

Tattoo regret has caused thousands of people to develop real psychological problems like depression and anxiety. Laser tattoo removal technology today is so advanced that it can remove tattoos and restore the self-esteem and confidence of individuals with psychological damage due to unwanted tattoos. Continue reading

GALA (Gluten Aware Los Angeles) Announces Inaugural Picnic At Griffith Park

GALA (Gluten Aware Los Angeles), a newly created Meetup Group is having it’s first Meetup. All gluten-free people of Los Angeles are invited to join, and to meet each other for the first time at a gluten-free picnic this coming Saturday at the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles, at 1pm. For further information and to join GALA go to meetup.com/GlutenFreeLA . Continue reading

Ruskin Group Theatre Extends L.A Times Critics Pick “El Grande De Coca Cola”

Ruskin Group Theatre taps Original Collaborators for El Grande de Coca-Cola
Extending through November 23, 2013 Fridays-Saturdays at 8pm, and Sundays at 2pm
The New York hit comedy is now the Los Angeles hit redux, and LA Times CRITIC’S CHOICE, from the company that launched the World Premiere and eight glorious months of Sideways The Play (now at La Jolla Playhouse), and Paradise – A Divine Bluegrass Musical Comedy. EL GRANDE DE COCA-COLA is an extravaganza of timeless humor.
Set in the nightclub of a small backwater town, somewhere South of the Border. Pepe Hernandez (Señor Show Business) has boasted in the local press that he is bringing a group of famous international cabaret stars to town. He has persuaded his uncle, manager of the local Coca-Cola bottling plant, to advance him enough money to rent the club for three nights. It is show time for Pepe’s ambitious extravaganza, “Parada de las Estrellas” (Parade of the Stars). Continue reading