Permanent Water Restrictions to Make Alexapure Pro Even More Appealing

California Governor Jerry Brown believes the drought is there to stay, and is working to make water usage restrictions permanent. Water4Patriots officials see the trend the same way and recommend that people acquire water purification devices.

Alexapure Pro Solution for Americans Trying to Avoid Neurotoxins in Tap Water

Fluoride has now been classified as a neurotoxin. Water4Patriots officials suggest that Americans rid their water of a high percentage of contaminants with the Alexapure Pro water filtration system.

Alexapure Pro Ready to Help as Water Restrictions Tighten

In light of more stringent restrictions on water usage in California, Water4Patriots officials strongly suggest that people acquire a water purification device that can eliminate contaminants.

Alexapure Pro to the Rescue as Drought Conditions Worsen

The drought in the West and Southwest continues to worsen. Water4Patriots recommends that people acquire a device that purifies water of contaminants.

Water4Patriots Recommends LifeStraw Personal Filters for Contaminated Water

A recent water contamination in Northwest Washington, D.C., prompted Water4Patriots to suggest people learn how to purify water of contaminants or stock up on personal water filters.