Skype Resolver

Microsoft Does Little To Improve The Security Vulnerabilities Of Skype

There are too many people who use Skype regularly and yet a large people are still unaware of the fact that hackers can easily extract the internet IP of users. This vulnerability allows criminals to create cyber attacks a lot more easily. Continue reading

Skype Users Can Protect Themselves Online

Skype has opened up a world of communication for millions of internet users, allowing them to reach out to friends, family members, and coworkers while online. Like other programs, however, Skype has its drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks that has been featured in recent news is the lack of privacy when it comes to IP addresses of users. While this information leaves users vulnerable, it also opens the door for online protection.
Skype Resolver By Samantha is a program that is used to track down IP addresses using just a Skype username. This is ideal for internet users who have been scammed, harassed, or otherwise bothered by anonymous people online.
Skype Resolver By Samantha instantly generates an IP address when the Skype username is input. Don’t know the username? Another tool on the site allows users to look up Skype usernames registered to email accounts. Once the username is found, the resolver can be used to find the IP address and location of the anonymous party, which can be used to pursue criminal charges, stop harassment, or even recover money lost in an online scam.
This program is available for personal users, as well as organizations that may have faced recent online DDOS attacks by competitors. This tool can be used by anyone, anywhere. Even users who have privacy settings turned on while using Skype can be tracked quickly and easily. It is important to note that any user who logs into Skype under a proxy or VPN is protected from being tracked by the resolver. Users who don’t wish to have this information revealed by this security issue in Skype can also use a proxy or VPN to hide their own IP address.
Skype Resolver By Samantha is an innovative program that helps track down deviant users that are online to scam, harass, or bother other users. No log-in is required, the tracing is completed in just minutes, and it is free to use. Continue reading