Patriot Power Generator Officials Respond to Kansas Tornadoes

Yet another storm knocked out power for homes and businesses tied to the electrical grid. Patriot Power Generator officials recommend having a fully-charged, portable, solar-powered generator waiting to keep the power flowing during and following storms.

4Patriots Offers Energy-Saving Tips in Honor of Earth Day

Earth Day 2016 will be celebrated on Friday, April 22. Nashville, Tenn.-based 4Patriots LLC, which provides products that help people become more self-reliant and independent, will be celebrating the occasion.

Power4Patriots Officials Applaud Preparations for Major Solar Storm Event

Deemed a “low probability but high impact event,” a massive solar storm headed directly toward Earth could result in disrupting communications for years and putting life on the planet in jeopardy.

Power4Patriots Officials Pleased With Increasing Cost-Effectiveness of Solar Power

Federal and state tax credits are making solar power more cost-effective for homeowners and businesses. Power4Patriots is a product that can make it even more so.

Power4Patriots Officials Respond to Renewable Energies’ Record-Breaking Year

Officials at Power4Patriots are thrilled with the news that renewable energy experienced a record-breaking year in 2015. They offer a product that enables people to build their own solar panels and wind turbines.

Patriot Power Generator 1500 a Safety Net When Accidents Occur

Extreme weather is not the only thing that can cause power outages for local homeowners and business owners. Something as “routine” as a car accident can put people in the dark for varying lengths of time.

Power4Patriots Officials Pleased with San Antonio’s Solar Energy Emphasis

More solar energy is being generated in San Antonio than in any other city in Texas. Power4Patriots officials commend city officials for the emphasis they’re placing on solar energy, and encourage homeowners across the country to disconnect from the electrical grid by installing solar panels and wind turbines on their property.

Power4Patriots Applauds Initiative to Bring Solar Energy to More People

The Obama Administration is seeking to make solar power more affordable for lower income families. Power4Patriots officials applaud that effort and encourage Americans to install solar panels and wind turbines at residential and commercial locations.

Power4Patriots Warns of Power Outages with Massive Solar Storms

A major solar storm headed toward Earth could cause massive amounts of damage, and there might only be a 12-hour warning about its approach. Power4Patriots recommends installing solar panels and wind turbines at residential and commercial locations to keep the electrical flow going when the grid fails.

Power4Patriots Responds to Power Losses After Texas, Arkansas Tornadoes

Recent tornadoes in Texas and Arkansas ended five lives and knocked out power for thousands. Power4Patriots suggests that homeowners start getting themselves off the vulnerable electrical grid with solar panels and wind turbines.

Allen Baler Offers DVD Access to Commemorate Earth Day 2015

A DVD showing how a young couple in Colorado is living completely off the U.S. electrical grid by powering their modern home with solar and wind energy is available for a limited time, courtesy of 4Patriots LLC.

4Patriots LLC Applauds California Preparedness Initiative

A free class that educates people about being prepared for an emergency will be held in Encinitas, Calif. 4Patriots specializes in products designed to help people prepare for an uncertain future.

Power4Patriots Offers Solution to Ongoing Electrical Grid Attacks

With the U.S. electrical grid being attacked every four days on average, Power4Patriots believes it’s time for home owners to start getting themselves off the grid with solar panels and wind turbines.

Power4Patriots Reacts to Storm That Struck New England Recently

The recent winter storm known as Juno struck hard in the New England area, causing tens of thousands of power outages. Power4Patriots suggests that homeowners start getting off the vulnerable electrical grid by installing solar panels and wind turbines at their homes.

Power4Patriots Responds to Report That China Can Take Out U.S. Electrical Grid

Experts are saying that hackers in China and several other countries are capable of taking out part of the U.S. electrical grid. Power4Patriots recommends that homeowners start getting off the vulnerable electrical grid with solar panels and wind turbines.

Power4Patriots Responds to IEA Prediction Regarding Rise of Solar Power

The International Energy Agency predicts that by 2050 solar energy could be the world’s top source of electricity. Power4Patriots agrees with the prognostication and encourages homeowners to start getting off the vulnerable electrical grid with solar panels and wind turbines.

Power4Patriots Defends Homeowner Denied Solar Panels by Association

A resident of Kentfield, Calif., says that her homeowners association won’t allow her to install solar panels on the roof of her home because they are not the right color. Power4Patriots urges the association to grant her permission.

Power4Patriots Sees Solar Flares as Reminder to Get off Electrical Grid

An EMP could result from the type of solar flares that were headed toward Earth last weekend. Power4Patriots recommends being prepared for off-grid living with solar panels and wind turbines.

Power4Patriots Points to Job Creation from Solar Panel Installation

Increased solar panel installation could create tens of thousands of jobs and help clean up the environment, according to a California Assemblyman. Power4Patriots applauds this strategy.

Buzz Aldrin, Elon Musk Appearing at International Space Development Conference

The 33rd Annual International Space Development Conference kicks off on Wednesday, May 14 in Los Angeles, featuring six astronauts and over 200 distinguished speakers and panelists. The five-day conference is open to the public with paid registration.