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    Temecula Dentist Explains How Teens May Risk Damaged Wisdom Teeth by Using Acne Medicine

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    K. Pat Brown and his team implement innovative research to inform his patients about possible health risks that may not be aware them. He analyzes the concern over acne medication as it relates to the formation of wisdom teeth.

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    Acne is one of the common skin problems, affecting 40-50 million Americans according to the American Academy of Dermatology. This skin disorder is more prominent in the teenage population, claiming 85% of preteens and 40% of adolescents every year. However, in an effort to enjoy smooth, pimple-free skin, teenagers may end up risking the health of their teeth, their wisdom teeth to be precise. According to new studies, acne medicine can lead to the malformation of the third molars, i.e. wisdom teeth.

    How Acne Medicine Affects Wisdom Teeth Leading anti-acne drugs like Accutane, Claravis, and Myorisan contain Isotretinoin, which is the component responsible for reducing the production of facial oils which aggravate acne. However, a study conducted on mice given Isotretinoin showed that the compound hinders the development of teeth.

    As many teens begin developing their wisdom teeth around the time they seek acne treatment, they’re definitely at a high risk. Two problems which teens may face are hypoplasia and dichroma, which result in thin enamel and severely discolored wisdom teeth. These in turn make third molars hypersensitive and at a higher risk of decay and tooth wear.

    In most cases, damaged wisdom teeth may not be a major problem because they are frequently removed. If a patient visits a good dentist, the process will be simple and less painful than expected. However, some consider holding on to the wisdom teeth in case they are needed to substitute for another molar.

    Molar substitution is a procedure dentists will resort to if the second molar becomes damaged or unhealthy. Basically, he or she will extract the second molar to allow the wisdom tooth to grow and take the place of the extracted molar. Unfortunately, if the third molar has been damaged by Isotretinoin, this is not an option.

    How to Get Great Skin and Save Wisdom Teeth Luckily, flaunting clear skin is still possible in conjunction with wisdom teeth’s health. Talk to a dentist or orthodontist to find out if a molar substitution is necessary. Just make sure to do so before starting acne treatment so that a dermatologist can recommend an Isotretinoin-free medication.

    So don’t waste any more time and book an appointment with the dentist to avoid endangering  the wisdom teeth any longer.

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    "According to new studies, acne medicine can lead to the malformation of the third molars, i.e. wisdom teeth."
    - Dr. K. Pat Brown
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