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Mar 11, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Text Nerd Strategic Marketing announces the launch of the new website focusing on the basic menu of economical digital marketing services developed exclusively for independent businesses. The new website address is www.textnerd.com.

Text Nerd began its business doing Text Message Marketing for customers, but soon found out that customers needed a variety of services to help them in their business. So Text Nerd is now a Mobile and Social Media Management Company. Text Nerd specializes in strategic digital marketing for customers, using email marketing, mobile marketing and social media marketing to promote an array of businesses. Text Nerd makes it incredibly simple.  Frequent communication with clients helps Text Nerd Strategic Marketing to meet their needs and preferences and helps them take advantage of  effective and affordable marketing tools.

Traditional marketing has been turned upside with the development of social media. Standard practices today are anything but standard. Text Nerd makes adjustments to digital marketing campaigns according to whatever feedback is given on the content that is provided and what specific to promotion is need on the individualized Facebook Fan Page and posts using Facebook advertising. Text Nerd recommends LinkedIn for businesses also, Text Nerd shows companies how to remain current, relevant, and target to a specialized market in only 15-20 minutes per day.

Nobody still thinks the Internet is a fad, that is going to go away or that Social Media is a, flash in the pan.  Successful businesses are adopting new and powerful advertising using the digital technologies that audiences already can't live without and continually engages with on a daily basis. Text Nerd helps companies build online community and increases influences with a target audience in a number of ways. Text Nerd selects specific areas of Digital Marketing for businesses according to individualized needs. Text nerd can help make the transition from ways of marketing that no longer work as well as they once did to ways that do work now.

Text Nerd Strategic Marketing provides 4 essential services for businesses, Facebook Fan Page Creation and Management, Email Marketing Campaigns, Linkedln Profiles, Enhancement, Coaching, and Mobile Media Management.

The launch of the new website focuses on the basics of Text Nerd services. The new website address is www.textnerd.com. Find out more about Text Nerd by clicking the link, watching the video and registering for a Personal Consultation at no cost to you. www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyOf2obfCSO. Simply visit the website to register for a free Quote Actions, http://www.quoteactions.com/a/profile/1479. Or visit the Text Nerd Facebook Fan Page at www.facebook.com/gototextnerd and use the Click Here Tab.

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Jerry Teel


"My business lacked a marketing plan for a long time since the evolution of the internet. Jerry's knowledge of internet marketing, social media, and contact management is unsurpassed. I would recommend Jerry to anyone developing their business."
- Dr. Rosa
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