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    The Attorneys At Millar & Mixon Publish A Guide On What To Do After A Dog Bite

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    The attorneys at Millar & Mixon have released a guide that outlines the steps all victims should take after a dog bite.

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    Dogs have long been referred to as “man’s best friend”. In Georgia, around 50% of all households have at least one dog. While many of these pets have never hurt a human, it is important to remember that every dog, even the friendliest, has  the ability to bite and do serious harm.

    The bite of a dog can exert 150-450 pounds of pressure, depending on the size and breed of the dog. That alone can do severe damage in the form of crush injuries and broken bones. Pair this powerful force with sharp teeth and the damage becomes ten times worse. Even if a bite wound doesn’t seem too severe, the bacteria that comes from the canine mouth can lead to a dangerous infection.

    The owners of the dog that attacked may be held liable for the injuries that their animal has caused. AtlantAdvocate.com run by the attorneys at Millar & Mixon have prepared a guide on the steps that every victim should take after they have been bitten to protect themselves from further harm. Necessary steps include:

    1. Seek medical attention immediately. 2. Contact animal control or the police and make a report. 3. If possible, speak to the owner of the dog and get their insurance information. 5. Collect witness contact information. 6. Inform insurance adjusters that a recorded statement won't be made without consulting an attorney. 7. Contact a dog bite attorney.

    While contacting an attorney may seem like an extreme decision, it is one that many find helps them get the compensation they need after an attack. The average cost of a hospital stay after being injured by a dog is $18,200 - money that most families don't have. The team at Millar & Mixon believes that people shouldn’t have to suffer financially as well as physically and are ready to answer any questions that clients or their loved ones may have about a case, the firm, or the process of filing a claim.

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