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    “The future of anti-aging & longevity is in ancient medicine,” says entrepreneur

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    A San Diego entrepreneur, Amish Shah, has launched a crowdfund campaign to revive the 6,000-year-old ancient healing science of Ayurveda, and spark a “healing revolution” in the health care industry. From a documentary film to supplements to e-courses and certifications, the Ancient Health Care Project aims to reach 20 million people in 2016.

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    Encinitas, CA, Feb 6nd, 2016: The world's food and health care industries are so broken that a total overhaul is needed, says Amish Shah; an Inc. 500-listed San Diego entrepreneur who has launched an IndieGogo crowdfund campaign to raise awareness and education for the 6,000-year-old healing science known as Ayurveda.

    Citing statistics like the 400,000 annual deaths caused by preventable medical errors, and the fact that 80% of all food available in the United States is now GMO, Amish says the campaign, called the Ancient Health Care Project, is a timely initiative that aims to revolutionize modern society's approach to health and longevity through provable ancient wisdom.

    "There is a rapidly growing body of scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of the food, herbs and treatments propagated through this ancient healing system," says Amish. "For instance, Ayurvedic physicians have for thousands of years catalogued over 9,000 medicinal herbs and spices; and many of them, like turmeric, triphala and bacopa, are only now being recognized by modern science for their effectiveness in healing and optimizing the human mind and body."

    The Ancient Health Care Project will introduce multiple initiatives throughout 2016; including a documentary film, a line of herbal supplements, and certification, retreat and telemedicine programs: each one a platform for Ayurvedic awareness, training and treatment.

    "There are over 1.5 million Ayurveda practitioners worldwide, but less than 3,000 in the United States," says Amish. "A tipping point is needed, and the Ancient Health Care Project aims to make this happen through initiatives that not only help people learn and heal through Ayurveda, but that also give them an opportunity to become Ayurvedic trainers and coaches."

    "The goal is to spark a global 'healing revolution' by showing people there are wholly natural, safe and effective alternatives and complements for healing and wellbeing, without the excessive cost and side-effects of many aspects of modern medicine," adds Amish. "And for that to happen, the public's support is essential."

    The Ancient Health Care Project aims to raise $150,000 to cover production and publicity costs for its 2016 initiatives; through an IndieGoGo crowdfund campaign running from now to March 6th. Perks for supporters include film DVDs, supplements, spots at Ancient Health Care retreats, and more.

    For more information and to support the Ancient Health Care Project IndieGoGo campaign, please visit www.TheAncientHealthCareProject.com. 

    Contact person: Anuj Shah; [email protected]


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