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    Three Pennsylvania Trains Collide Causing Serious Injuries To Those On Board

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    On Wednesday, Feb 22nd, three trains collided at 69th Street Station outside of Philadelphia. At least four people sustained serious injuries.

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    On Wednesday, February 22nd, traffic around Pennsylvania’s 69th Street Station which is just outside of Philadelphia was brought to a halt when a series of events resulted in a train accident involving multiple cars.

    It was during the morning rush hour and several trains were on their way to and from the station. For reasons that are still unknown, Train 57 suddenly collided with the back of Train 67. The force from the impact caused Train 57 to then sideswipe Train 51 which was heading in the opposite direction.

    All six-car trains sustained heavy damage and seven of the eighteen cars derailed. Thankfully, the majority of passengers had gotten off already at the station and there were few people on board. At least four of those on board, however, did sustain serious injuries. The conductor of Train 57 was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was listed in critical condition.

    An initial investigation into the crash has left investigators wondering if there was an issue with the signal, causing the first collision.

    The injured conductor may face a difficult road to recovery. Unlike most Pennsylvania workers, railroad employees must request compensation through the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA). Unlike workers’ compensation, in order to obtain payments for medical expenses and lost wages, the employee must show that it was not their actions which caused the accident and subsequent injuries. If the investigation proves that he was at fault, he may find that he has to pay for his own care.

    However, also unlike workers’ comp, if his claim is approved, it may also provide him with additional benefits that pay for the physical and emotional turmoil he has experienced because of the crash.

    In addition to this, if it is determined that a third-party is responsible for the accident, he and the other victims may be eligible to file a personal injury complaint which can also provide them with compensation.

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