Tiny Frog Quadruples Clientele with State-of-the-Art Hosting & Maintenance


Web Design Agency Sees Dramatic Improvement In Client Happiness, Site Stability

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Nov 17, 2016 /prREACH/ -- Tiny Frog has served the San Diego market since 2003 in WordPress web design and developement. Since 2012, Tiny Frog has offered hosting, maintenance and website security services to its clients. This addition has led to exponential clientele growth.

The need for the service arose after Tiny Frog designed and developed new WordPress websites for clients, only to have the clients host their websites with a traditional hosting platform and the website be hacked in a matter of months due to poor security – all that investment and hard work destroyed due to poor hosting environments.

With over 26% of all websites now built on the WordPress platform, there is now a high risk that a WordPress website will be hacked and hit with brute force attacks on any given day. Tiny Frog was receiving calls almost daily from WordPress website owners with hacked sites, according to Chris Andujar, Tiney Frog's hosting and maintenance manager.

Tiny Frog clients that hosted their websites on traditional platforms also saw frequent downtime and poor lack of communication with their traditional hosting provider, often turning to the Tiny Frog team for support.

The Tiny Frog team shopped around for a hosting platform for its clients’ websites for many years. In need of a trusted partner, Tiny Frog made the switch to WP Engine’s Premium plan.

Since switching to WP Engine in 2013, Tiny Frog has seen a massive growth in clientele, growing almost five times more from less than 75 to over 400 sites. Clients have stated that they are more happy and worry free. These results have led to a union between hosting provider and agency with Tiny Frog now offering WordPress maintenance and security to a variety of industries.

As part of its maintenance service, Tiny Frog’s expert team of developers perform critical software updates each month that keep a website secure and optimized. Most importantly, clients on the hosting and maintenance plan have an insurance policy for their website – if their website goes down for any reason, even client error, then Tiny Frog will take responsibility for restoring it.

About The Company: TinyFrog Technologies specializes in high-quality WordPress website design and development and has been proudly serving the San Diego market since 2003. Their web design program features an integrated marketing strategy and conversion optimization, mobile responsive/compatible sites, and aesthetic custom design.

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“We have grown our clientele almost five times from having less than 75 sites to over 400 sites. This increase in clientele is because we are able to keep our clients happy and worry-free. Tiny Frog and WP Engine have formed a valued partnership, with Tiny Frog now offering WordPress maintenance and security to a variety of industries.”
- Chris Andujar, Hosting and Maintenance Manager
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