Toddler Jewelry for Girls Set Becomes Top Pick for Kids’ Parties


SmitCo LLC’s recently released toddler jewelry for girls set is quickly emerging as a top choice for kids’ parties and preschool activities. With as many as 725 pieces per set, it is one of the largest DIY jewelry kits on Amazon.

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Belton, MO, Oct 03, 2019 /prREACH/ -- SmitCo is pleased to reveal that its toddler jewelry for girls is now a favorite with parents looking for a creatively designed game for kids' parties. The company informs that many recent buyers have also used this product for their children's pre-school activities. This jewelry-making kit is currently one of the largest on Amazon, with as many as 725 different pieces.

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Selling online since 2006, SmitCo LLC is dedicated to protecting children from the epidemic of overexposure to the television and computer. It accomplishes this objective by designing toys and gifts for children that not only keep them engaged, but also improve their skills.

"Arts and crafts are perfect for helping children to develop skills across a range of developmental areas. Creating jewelry and patterns using colorful beads assists them in developing their fine-motor control and planning skills," says a spokesperson from SmitCo. "Joining in with these activities and planning arts and crafts projects they can enjoy with their friends also helps them to develop their social and communication skills."

The most important benefits of SmitCo's play jewelry for little girls are

  • Provides an excellent opportunity for children to develop their fine-motor skills and improve their manual dexterity.
  • Stimulates a child's imagination, allowing them to explore and express creativity in whichever way they like.
  • Helping children develop their cognitive skills
  • Development of vital social and communication skills.
  • Provides early practice of bilateral coordination: the act of using both hands simultaneously to complete tasks

The set of toddler jewelry for girls comes with beads in various shapes and sizes that can be combined to create endless 3D designs. The product comes with a convenient carrying box with a detachable tray to keep the pieces safe and organized. To help the little users make the most of it, the set also contains a 2-sided booklet with tips and instructions.

More about SmitCo play jewelry for toddler girls can be found by visiting the company's website or Amazon storefront.



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