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    Top Aftermarket Headlight Company Improves Functionality

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    Leading aftermarket replacement company, Headlight Direct LLC, upgrades wesite search functions to improve user experience.

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    Finding exactly what one wants when visiting an ecommerce website should be an obvious result for a website visitor, but many online websites surprisingly fail to do this and cause countless loss of potential sales for not paying attention. Headlight Direct LLC, leading online provider of quality aftermarket headlights, is no stranger to this fact and is constantly improving what they can to remedy any problems associated with this. The website team is acutely aware of the fine balance that is required to have a properly functioning website while also making it user friendly. Recently, the team has updated the search functionality of their online shop, which hopefully will address visitor concerns in locating the appropriate replacement headlight.

    Previously, the site search algorithm had not filtered out specific variables associated with particular manufacturers, so the results would display totally unrelated searches. Some results would occasionally even show a 404 "File Not Found" error message, which is definitely not something any business wants to see on their website. By progressively analyzing the available website data as well as listening to customer feedback, the company was able to identify areas to improve upon and a better search function was top of the list of requests.

    Now, with an enhanced custom backend program and tagging system, the results have come out much more refined and improved. Headlight Direct LLC's primary concern is to give a customer the best experience possible as the owners come from business and marketing backgrounds whose experience support this focus. Their persistent research revealed this is sorely lacking among their competitors. So, the combination of some of the most competitive pricing in the industry matched with an acute awareness of what works, makes it obvious why the company is a leader. Taking the necessary steps on addressing issues such as this one should be a sign of ongoing commitment to being the best.

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    Sam Teng



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