Top Insurance Agent Kent Littlejohn Plans To Transform Insurance Industry


Kent Littlejohn launches insurance mastermind group with the goal of changing the way agents market and position their businesses.

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Jul 01, 2014 /prREACH/ -- In the past few years a wave of disruptive business models has changed and innovated the consumer landscape. Companies like Uber and AirBnB have revolutionized the way consumers get a taxi cab or book a hotel room. Kent Littlejohn plans to do the same thing with his new mastermind group called the Insurance Agent Digital Marketing (IADM.)

“We are going to change the way Insurance Agents generate leads and write new policies” says Keith Littlejohn founder of IADM. “By leveraging online tools like LinkedIn, Facebook and email marketing we have successfully created a system that within 60 minutes is able to generate more than 100 quotes. This is just the tip of the iceberg. THE IADM mastermind group will show insurance agents exactly how they can build this system themselves.”

A mastermind group is a group of individuals that come together to share ideas, knowledge and to hold each other accountable for their success. The concept of a mastermind group is not new; many famous people including Benjamin Franklin belonged to a mastermind group which they called a Junto. Napoleon Hill’s first Laws of Success is to join a mastermind group of like-minded individuals moving towards the same goal.

Kent Littlejohn is looking for all sectors of Insurance Professionals including but not limited to agents, agency owners, insurance brokers, and producers.

The goal of IADM (Kent Littlejohn) is to walk motivated and ambitious insurance professionals through the processes that are built specifically for them on how to substantially increase their commissions into a range that they can't begin to imagine today. Kent Littlejohn will share his secrets of how to do this with minimal administrative staff.

These form(s) of marketing are not only cost prohibitive but they have also shown to be much less effective (than) Kent's Digital Marketing Methods.

Kent is going to share with his Mastermind his exact system he used to build millions of commission revenue over the last few years with just one full time administrative person and one part time admin. No more cold calling and no unnecessary expensive store fronts.

Insurance professionals with ambition and interested in learning more about lead generation and having potential clients knocking their door down should visit today.

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Kent Littlejohn

"We are going to change the way Insurance Agents generate leads and write new policies by leveraging online tools like LinkedIn, Facebook and email marketing.”
- Kent Littlejohn
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