Tough Dog Chew Toys Bring Near Indestructible Technology to Growing Market

  • Date: Jul 04, 2019
  • Category: Pets

CUDLTUF has recently launched tough dog toys for heavy chewers that contain Aduratek technology, a robust and nearly indestructible material.

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Oakland, CA, Jul 04, 2019 /prREACH/ -- A recent article by Pet Product News reports that top trends in the quickly growing dog and cat toy market continue to evolve, from toys designed with a variety of textures to sounds and puzzles. One trend, however, has become a mainstay: durable and tough dog toys for aggressive chewers.

According to Pet Product News, experts agree that it is extremely important for pet owners to understand the chewing behaviours of their pets in order to ensure investment in toys that best suit these behaviours. As a result, over the last several years, the dog toy market has seen enormous growth in chew toys claiming to withstand even the toughest of chewers. However, consumer surveys and reviews of these products suggest otherwise, leaving many frustrated pet owners with few viable options.

CUDLTUF, a new dog toy brand entering the scene, has recently launched its creative line of what the company states are tough, heavy duty dog toys for aggressive chewers. Using a technology called Aduratek, its toys can achieve near indestruction and tear resistance with heavy use over time, while also maintaining a plush feel.

Debra Johnson, co-founder of the woman-owned brand, says, “We wanted to create dog chew toys that stand up to the test of time with dogs who love to chew. Chewing and play is so important to the healthy development of dogs. While it is impossible to have a dog toy last forever, pet owners should feel confident that the investment they put into dog toys will last longer.”

Aduratek’s tear resistant 3D spacer mesh lines the inside of CUDLTUF’s toys, which are also double stitched for further reinforcement. However, the company’s use of Aduratek in its toys does not impede on the personality and design of the toys, keeping them fun and appealing to play with for a wide range of dog breeds.

“While being as robust as possible is the main goal of our products, we have also focused on the personality of the toys, which is equally as important to the dog’s experience and development of healthy behaviour,” says Johnson. “The heavy duty construction of our toys stand out, but they are also super soft to feel and designed with elements like floppy appendages and details like crinkle paper inside the liner to help give the best tactile experience for your dog.”

CUDLTUF’s two newly launched dog chew toys can be found on their Amazon storefront and official website.


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