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    Tri Swim Coach Officially Partners with Swim Box for Improved Training Resources

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    Leading swim training companies combine systems to create “one stop shop” for triathletes needing freestyle improvement for optimal training and racing.

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    Tri Swim Coach, the leading triathlon swim training resource platform for triathletes, this week announced they have officially joined forces with Swim Box, a swim technique and stroke analysis company that brings together technology and their swim coaching expertise, in order to improve upon the individualized support provided to their athletes.

    Borne from a passion for helping athletes to train smarter, not harder, Tri Swim Coach offers an online program, Tri Swim Success, which helps triathletes improve their freestyle technique and speed in a step-by-step process. By partnering with Swim Box, they now have access to the company's streamlined technological infrastructure to make their available videos and training resources more helpful and interactive for their members.

    "Tri Swim Coach wants to help triathletes of every level befriend the water, and train in an efficient way that helps them achieve their triathlon goals," said Kevin Koskella, head coach at Tri Swim Coach. "Since most triathletes don't have the time or access to high-caliber private coaching for their triathlon swimming performance, Tri Swim Coach offers an online triathlon swim training program with a step-by-step proven plan that is now going to have technological enhancement with our Swim Box collaboration."

    By using Tri Swim Coach, triathletes undergo a progressive approach to triathlon swim training that incorporates several swim techniques and drills in the workouts, as well as utilizes videos, and swim stroke analysis. This enables athletes to get more out of their swim strokes, swim faster and more fluidly while using less energy in the water.

    Swim Box, presently partnered with Fast Track Sports Medicine & Performance Center, has the analytical technology to help swimmers pinpoint inefficiencies and improve performances tenfold.

    Together, the two companies look forward to many years of constructive collaboration in the swimming and triathlon training worlds.

    For more information on Tri Swim Coach, visit: http://www.triswimcoach.com.

    For more information on Swim Box, visit: http://www.theswimbox.com.

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    “We want to help triathletes of every level to befriend the water, train in an efficient way that helps them achieve their triathlon goals"
    - Kevin Koskella
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