Trinity de Guzman Steps Into The Spotlight Sharing Life Lessons With The World


Trinity de Guzman steps into the spotlight of his own personal brand after spending the past 3 years traveling and building business systems for million dollar companies. Continue reading

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Sep 25, 2013 /prREACH/ -- Vancouver, BC – After leaving his home in Canada’s most beautiful city just over three years ago, Trinity de Guzman ( is now ready to share his voice and his lessons with the world.

From a young age, Trinity knew that he was here to do more than the status quo. Something inside told him that he was here to inspire the world and change people’s lives. And this life journey became obvious right from the start.

After graduating from high school, Trinity de Guzman decided to use his college money to put himself through a personal development program called “Quantum Leap” put on by a company called “Peak Potentials.” He had started creating moneymaking systems and his own online businesses so it seemed like a step in the right direction to help take his business to the next level.

Here he learned many things including how to push his personal and professional limits and break through things that may have been holding him back. During the process, he achieved his first landmark of $10,000 in one month; at the age of 19.

Soon after achieving this success, Trinity felt it was time to leave Vancouver in search of something new. His travels first took him to Nicaragua, where he lived for three months. In his first two weeks there he became fluent in the native language, Spanish by living with a family and fully submerging himself. The rest of the three months he spent surfing, boxing and learning how to dance Salsa.

After traveling around Central America and enjoying his freedom a bit more, Trinity de Guzman decided to head up to San Diego. A 7-figure Internet marketer, Jonathan Budd, was launching his live event, Unstoppable Entrepreneur, which Trinity had promoted for and was one of the top 20 affiliates out of over 10,000. Due to huge bonuses that Trinity won, and knowing that he would meet some big names there; he made his way up to sunny San Diego.

Not long after moving to San Diego, Trinity met his first mentor and multimillion-dollar business owner, Raven Starre. Raven is one of the top 10 female network marketers in the world, has interned for several billionaires and even had one of her own products featured on Oprah.

Raven had been a “follower” of Trinity on Twitter and when she recognized him at an event, she immediately invited him to come and do a live in mentorship; where she would teach him everything she could. In return he would provide Internet marketing services for her business.

During his time with Raven, Trinity de Guzman was introduced to many well-known names in the Internet marketing and business world. One of which was his next mentor; Ted McGrath.

Ted had retired out of the life insurance business after building his business at New York Life to over $80,000 a month in revenue. Feeling unfulfilled by the industry he left to start his own business. He is now a world renowned coach and speaker. He coaches other coaches through his company Rize Global, where clients pay up to $100,000 for a yearlong mastermind session with Ted.

During his mentorship with Ted, Trinity was a head coach and director of Internet marketing for his company, Rize Global. After spending 6 months in this position, Trinity decided that it was time for him to move on. Not wanting to lose such a valuable asset to his business, Ted offered him a partnership and profit sharing in his million-dollar business.

Staying true to himself, Trinity respectfully declined the offer. Being a lifestyle entrepreneur, his time and freedom are more important to him than a super sized paycheck.

Soon after leaving Ted and Rize Global, Trinity hit the road again and headed first into Northern California and then to Guatemala, and Peru, South America. After spending a year traveling and enjoying life, he was inspired to get back to work again.

A few months after starting on his new projects, Trinity took on a coaching client who reached out to him asking for his expertise and help with Internet marketing. Taking on this client really inspired Trinity to step into who he is and share his message with the world.

With decades of wisdom and knowledge accrued over three short years, Trinity feels as though he is finally ready to step into the spotlight; inspire and change people’s lives, on a large scale.

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"Life is just one big game, and once you get the rules... you can have whatever you want..."
- Trinity de Guzman
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