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    Trisha Barnes Runs 5K Marathon Just 3 Months After Scoliosis Surgery!

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    Vidor, Texas Middle School Teacher, 30 Year old Trisha Barnes runs in the 5K Gusher Marathon just 3 months after having Scoliosis surgery! Three weeks after being cleared by Dr. Richard Francis of Spine Associates, former scoliosis surgery patient Trisha Barnes is active, back to normal, and running again.

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    Beaumont, Texas: Trisha Barnes, a Middle School Teacher in Vidor, Texas recently completed her run in the 5K Gusher Marathon held in Beaumont, Texas. Barnes was diagnosed with Scoliosis when she was in Middle School herself during an annual screening for the disease by a school nurse. The screening process can be rather awkward and somewhat uncomfortable, especially for a young girl with a very abnormal curve in her spine. As a child, Barnes did not fully understand what was happening with her body but after her mother took her to a doctor for X-rays and it was determined she did have an unnatural curve in her spine, her spinal curve progression was carefully monitored throughout her adolescent years.

    There are several warning signs a health care professional can use to help determine if a child has scoliosis. Some of the signs to look for are: * The shoulders are different heights, or one shoulder blade is more prominent. * The head is not centered directly over the pelvis. * One hip appears higher or is more prominent. * The rib cage is uneven. * The waist is uneven (one side looks more curved than the other.) * The entire body is leaning to one side.

    For most of her childhood, Barnes tried hard to live a normal life, not letting her spine issues hold her back. She participated in dance classes during most of her school years and was on the Drill Team in Junior High and High School. In spite of her regular activities Barnes knew her spine was getting worse and she would eventually have to face the fact that she would need surgery one day. Over the years, Barnes’ spine did get much worse and it became apparent her shoulders and hips were uneven as well. Barnes’ spine progressed into a “Double S” curve and surgery to correct the problem was recommended when she was 21 years old. Barnes did have surgery but unfortunately, only the Thoracic curve in her spine was corrected.

    In 2015, at 30 years old Barnes had been gradually getting more and more minor aches in her back and determined she should see a doctor again to identify whether more could be done to help her before she had children of her own. After a checkup with Houston Spine Surgeon, Dr. Richard Francis, X-Rays confirmed that her spinal curve had progressed to 10 degrees in the previous 8 years. Dr. Francis informed Barnes she would need another surgery to extend the fusion down her Lumbar Spine.

    These days, after a successful surgery and especially after completing a 5K Marathon, Barnes frequently thinks about how her life might have been very different if she had not had the surgery for her scoliosis. Barnes had taken up running as a hobby several years ago and has participated in multiple 5K and 10K Runs as well as two Half Marathons. Barnes has also won medals for placing in her age division for some of those races. Barnes strongly recommends that other young women listen to their doctor’s advice and take it seriously. To her, Scoliosis does not have to define a person and it is very possible to live a normal life after scoliosis surgery. Barnes also highly recommends Dr. Richard Francis as the most helpful doctor she has met with. Barnes has successfully gone through two surgeries to correct her spine and has now become a “Patient Ambassador ” for Spine Associates to help other future scoliosis patients as they go through the process of having surgery.

    For additional information or to schedule a consultation, Dr. Richard Francis, Founder of Spine Associates, with offices in Beaumont and Houston, Texas can be reached by phone at 888-977-4625 or Visit the Website at www.myspineassociates.com.

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    " The result of Trisha Barnes surgery exemplifies our values at Spine Associates. We are committed to giving the best of ourselves each and every time, as we get each individual back to normal. Trisha's' outcome is the result of ordinary people at Spine Associates doing extraordinary things. Each of us has beamed with pride as we grasped what she did this morning. Everyone's heart is swollen with pride"  
    - Richard R.M. Francis, MD
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