Turboflash Releases New Led Mini Camping Flashlight


TurboFlash, creators of the TurboFlash LED Headlamp has announced that they have released a new product, called the TurboFlash LED Mini Camping Flashlight. The product is currently being offered through amazon.com and is marketed toward consumers who enjoy outdoor activities such as camping and hiking, or who require a small emergency light for their home or vehicles. Continue reading

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Jul 22, 2014 /prREACH/ -- TurboFlash has announced that they have released a new miniature lighting product which is called the TurboFlash LED Mini Camping Flashlight. This is a follow up tool to their originally successful product, the TurboFlash LED Headlamp. The new flashlight is being geared toward campers, people who enjoy being outside and consumers who require a small and compact lighting unit for emergency situations such as power outages and roadside travel needs.

This new tactical LED flashlight is made of silver aluminum alloy, making it durable and esthetically appealing. It has been designed to be waterproof, shockproof, and rechargeable, and it uses a 18650 battery. TurboFlash feels that these qualities make it an ideal tool for outdoor travel and adventure activities. It also uses 250 lumens output, and is quite small and light at only 7.2 ounces in weight and 6.9 x 4.7 x 1.9 inches in size.

The miniature camping flashlight reaches distances of fifty meters in length, and offers three different lighting modes for different uses, including an average light level, a super bright light level, and a strobe light. It also comes with batteries included so that consumers do not need to purchase batteries until they are no longer rechargeable. The batteries provide a 3 hour run time when the flashlight has been used on the highest lighting setting, and more battery life can be gained through lower uses of lighting settings throughout the day.

TurboFlash encourages the sale of this item to consumers who enjoy spending time outdoors and performing naturist activities; they have been quoted in saying:

"Hiking and camping is a great way to use the TurboFlash Flashlight and it is just the right size for kids when going on a camping trip."

The company also suggests that customers utilize the TurboFlash Mini Camping Flashlight around their homes for emergencies, such as during power outages, or disasters. They can also be stored in cars as an integral piece of an emergency road side kit to be used when changing a tire or checking the engine at night. The lightweight and small build of this tool make it a reasonable size for carrying in school bags and purses as well as car glove compartments and kitchen drawers, or other areas where a customer may require additional lighting at short notice.

Customers purchasing TurboFlash's latest miniature lighting device are offered a one year guarantee on their product during which it can be exchanged or returned. It is currently being offered at $17.95 through amazon.com is available through the one day shipping feature.

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