Unicorn Slime Kit Encourages Less Screen Time for Girls Ages 4 and Up


Alpine Summit has recently released its unicorn slime kit on Amazon as an ideal activity to encourage children to have less screen time. The slime kit for girls ages 4 and up includes everything needed to enjoy hours of playtime and stay clean at the same time. Continue reading

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Buffalo, Wyoming, Mar 10, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Alpine Summit is pleased to offer Amazon customers its recently released unicorn slime kit. The brand believes its slime kit is an ideal activity to encourage less screen time. Senior spokesperson for the company, Bridgett Tulloh, explains, "Our fluffy cloud slime is very therapeutic for your child. The sensory experience of squishing and stretching the soft slime helps your child unwind, relax and slow down after being over-stimulated by the TV, phone, iPad, or video games."

Tulloh also notes, "As parents ourselves, we understand that if we can prevent a mess and still allow kids to be kids at the same time, then it's a parenting win. We have included a super useful non-stick playmat for fast and easy clean up. Plus, your fluffy slime will wipe away easily from non-porous surfaces and tables."

So far, the kit has received rave reviews from customers impressed with the large variety of items included for hours of playtime. One satisfied Amazon shopper had this to say about the DIY slime kit for girls, "This kit comes with so much stuff packed in one box. My daughter loved the slime especially the slime jars and sparkly slimeballs. It's a great value for everything that you get, including the backpack and cute unicorn rings. Her friends can also play with her as it's enough for a couple of kids at least."

Each slime kit for girls contains a unicorn drawstring backpack, four slime base colors (blue, pink, green and purple), a borax slime developer, three slime-making tools, four tubes of glitter, two tubs of decorative colorful shapes, two unicorn heads, a gift box and storage tray, bag of multi-color foam balls, two unicorn friendship rings, two slimeballs, two unicorn stickers, four reusable slime storage jars, a spill-proof and easy clean up play mat and a set of instructions for playing safely without making a mess.

Anyone interested in more information about Alpine Summit's unicorn slime kit can visit the company's Amazon storefront.


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