Ventura Cosmetic Dentist Offers Seasonal Specials on Their Services


Woodside Dental Care in Ventura have announced family and cosmetic dentistry services, coming to patients at special seasonal rates. The services are focusing on making it easier and affordable for individuals and families to access their services.

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Dec 24, 2014 /prREACH/ -- California, December 22, 2014: - Residents of California who would like to get general family and cosmetic dentistry services this holiday season are invited to visit Woodside Dental Care for their recently announced special holiday dentistry services. The facility is offering these special services at better rates to accommodate individuals and families who would like to better their smile this season. Teeth whitening is the perfect gift for self over the Christmas holiday. It’s the season when families visit; people go for several social events, and meet new friends. And that’s why Woodside Dental Care saw it fit to have these special general family and cosmetic dentistry services delivered to patients this holiday.

“It’s that time of the year when most people have ample time to check on their general dentistry needs,” stated Dr. Maryam Sabet. “Our special holiday services are thus meant to provide an opportunity for people to brighten their smiles at affordable rates.”

The facility will be offering a host of services that include teeth cleaning, whitening, and dental implants. That means those having discolored, missing, or badly damaged teeth are all attended to. All the services offered by Woodside Dental Care are personalized to suit the individual needs of every patient. The office has ensured that the operation environment is friendly for all family members.

During the holiday, many family members like doing things together. Although their individual needs and timing may differ, it often happens that during the holiday, most people have that extra time to spare for complete smile makeover or minor dental improvements. It’s for that reason that Woodside Dental Care will be fully available to serve patients during this season.

About Woodside Dental Care:

Woodside Dental Care is a professional and duly registered dental facility, operating within the State of California. The facility offers a host of dental services including general, surgical, sedation, cosmetic, and emergency dental services.

Their office is conveniently located in Ventura and has state-of-the-art equipment to provide patients with the most reliable dental services.

The facility is run by a team of professionals led by Dr. Alan Michels who is the lead dentist. The facility has staff members who speak English, Spanish and Farsi.

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(805) 647-3006

“It’s that time of the year when most people have ample time to check on their general dentistry needs"
- Dr. Maryam Sabet
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