Water Backpack for an Outdoor Lifestyle Achieves Top Rating in Amazon


FREEMOVE’S versatile water backpack has steadily made its mark as a highly trusted product on Amazon. This 3 in 1 outdoor adventure accessory is extremely useful for day hiking, cycling, running, and many other activities. Continue reading


Jun 15, 2020 /prREACH/ -- FREEMOVE, a noted manufacturer of outdoor adventure gear, is now making an impact on Amazon with its 3 in 1 water backpack. FREEMOVE reports that the product has already received almost 400 Amazon reviews with an impressive rating. Buyers say that they have used this hydro hiking backpack for various outdoor activities including, running, day hiking, biking, cycling, MTB, skiing, snowboarding, trail walking, etc.

Find more information about FREEMOVE's hydration pack backpack at https://www.amazon.com/water-backpack/dp/B07HWZQRLQ/.

The hydration backpack from FREEMOVE is an all-inclusive product that comes with a hydration bladder and cooler bag made of flexible and durable TPU material. The backpack is also manufactured from waterproof and durable Ripstop material with premium quality zippers. To keep users comfortable during their adventures, the product comes with an advanced airflow system designed to prevent the discomfort of sweat accumulation on the skin.

Many water pack backpack customers have mentioned that the product can keep drinks cold for as long as five hours. Its dedicated hydro compartment is suitable for men, women and children. This accessory is also equipped with built-in reflective elements to ensure visibility and safety around the clock.

"I took this backup to Ultra, and it survived the true test. It was comfortable in the Miami heat, and the additional pockets made it easy for me to hold multiple items (wallet, powerpack, Go Pro, extra batteries), and the hose itself was easy for me to get water out of. I would highly recommend this," a satisfied user mentioned in his Amazon review.

Another impressed user said, "Great hydration pack with an insulated and removable hose. The 70-ounce bag fits into an insulated pouch, and Velcro straps hold the bag up at the top of the pack inside the pocket. Lots of pockets (main pocket, secondary pocket and electronics pocket) as well as headphone or earbud cord hole. It also has a waist strap and sternum strap as well as adjustable shoulder straps. Excellent pack for day hikes, bike rides, etc. and seems to be made very well."

To find out more about FREEMOVE's Hydration Pack Backpack, please visit the company's storefront on Amazon.



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