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The computer won’t turn on, the office network is down, computers have been hit by ransomware or worst of all, hacked. All of these issues aren’t just problematic to deal with, but also cost precious time and lose companies money. Westech is now solving these problems in South Africa and around the globe. Most importantly, in most cases, before they’ve even become problems. Westech has become the chosen IT Partner in South Africa for Global Companies because of the strategic approach they take – Aligning IT Strategy with Business Strategy.

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Feb 23, 2018 /prREACH/ -- Think back for a moment to the days where business owners had to call someone on the phone, leave a message, hope for a response, or maybe even visit an office and hope for a face to face meeting.  While in person meetings are still very critical, the world of technology has completely changed the landscape in which business is conducted. Technology is not just a must have, but can also give one a competitive edge in today's business climate. Optimizing Business by aligning IT with Business is the key according to Westech. Internet connectivity speed, reliable systems, hosting, and security can be game changers. However, many are not completely sure what it all means, and still aren’t sure about what, or where the cloud is.

One of Westech’s core competencies is educating its customers on what works and what is a time and money waster. They have taken the guesswork, uncertainty, and unsecured data out of the tech space for businesses.  Most business owners aren’t completely sure what they do and do not require, so they avoid getting advice from an expert. Too many businesses don’t spend on technology at their own peril. If only they knew, says Roy Westfehling.

Today business owners also suffer from a fear of being taken advantage of in the tech and tech security space. Westech has focused on removing this from the equation all together.  Being a business owner himself, Roy Westfehling, understands what every business owner goes through when wanting to expand, but also stay secure, and keep their client’s information safe. Having owned many companies and operated Westech for 23 years, Westfehling has remained laser focused on developing strategic solutions for any business, in any industry.  According to Westfehling, these solutions can save time, reduce expenses & decrease security risks. Furthermore, they will optimize business efficiency by 60% because production will rise across the company. This will automatically allow for profit growth almost immediately.

Westech is a technology forward company, rooted in always finding the most cutting-edge solutions available on the market and making those solutions available to their clients without costly overheads.  Business tech knows no boundaries, which is why Westfehling has become versed in multiple business sectors ranging from engineering, mining, consulting, retail, hospitality, medical, financial, schools, and transportation to mention a few.  Every industry requires a different set of customized tech elements complied strategically for the perfect alignment strategy, this is where Westech outshines most of its competitors in South Africa.

Having provided several different tech solutions for multiple business industries across South Africa for decades, Westech, has expanded their cutting-edge solutions by going global. Aligning IT with Business Strategy is the key driver. Tech support from Westech is instantly available at ones fingertips, not just any support but support from an IT Security industry leader.

Find out more about how Westech can implement the latest technology to keep any business secure and streamlined.  The worst thing any business owner can do is wait until their system is hacked, data lost, or a system shutdown occurs to seek help.  Westech urges business owners not to wait until it's too late.

To find out more about Westech, visit their website at http://www.westech.co.za

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In the tech industry, most business owners don’t look for a security partner until their system has been breached, don’t let that be the story of your business
- Roy Westfehling
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