White Gold Jewelry Cleaner Brand Highlights Dangers of Ammonia

  • Date: Dec 16, 2019
  • Category: Fashion

BrightDiamonds recently talked about the dangers of ammonia when cleaning jewelry. The company’s white gold jewelry cleaner is available as a 3-pack on Amazon. Continue reading


Dec 16, 2019 /prREACH/ -- BrightDiamonds has recently released its white gold jewelry cleaner in a convenient 3-pack on Amazon. The product is doing well and receiving praise from buyers, according to the brand. The company recently discussed the dangers of ammonia-use when cleaning jewelry. BrightDiamonds does not use the strong chemical in its jewelry cleaning powder.

"Using ammonia for cleaning jewelry is risky,  so it was important for us to create an ammonia-free product. Prolonged or excessive use of ammonia can discolor and damage precious metals, wear down gemstones and make fracture-filled diamonds appear cloudy," said Alyssa Stern, the senior spokesperson for the company. "Some jewelry parts without a high content of precious metals, such as prongs, can deteriorate away, leaving the non-precious metal underneath visible. The use of ammonia can also turn some solder joints dark, permanently ruining the look of jewelry."

Ammonia is also a dangerous chemical if it is inhaled, ingested or comes in contact with the skin. "There are many brands available for purchase that contain ammonia and are consequently not as safe as BrightDiamonds' platinum jewelry cleaner for home use," Stern added.

The jewelry cleaning powder has been receiving top ratings from enthusiastic Amazon customers such as this, "I wish I took before and after photos of the jewelry I cleaned with this product, I was a little bit skeptical, but the results were amazing. It's so easy with the 6 short steps. No need for a basket, brush, and polishing cloth that could harm my expensive jewelry. After 10 minutes, all the jewelry I put in the pot was so clean and looks like new. My wedding ring has a center diamond, so I needed a gentle product to clean it. It cleaned up well, and the gold band, side diamonds, and diamond look shiny, clean, and brand new. I also cleaned my diamonds earnings that weren't cleaned for the past two years and they look shiny and brand new. I'm so happy with the ease of this product and, most importantly. with the results. Low cost, effective cleaning. I will use it every month!"

Anyone interested in learning more about the jewelry cleaner diamond ring 3-pack by BrightDiamonds should visit the company's official website or Amazon storefront



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