Wireless Earbuds Brand Provides Bluetooth 5.0 Technology to Impressed Customers


TBI Pro provides crisp, clear sound to headphone users with its wireless earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0 Technology. AIRPRO earbuds provide a distortion-free, fast, and stable signal transmission of up to 50 feet. Continue reading


Schaumburg, Illinois, Dec 21, 2020 /prREACH/ -- TBI Pro continues to supply an impressive range of home electronics to customers looking for quality products at affordable prices. The brand's wireless earbuds have been making positive waves with Amazon customers. The airpod-style earbuds are compatible with Bluetooth devices, including Apple and Samsung.

Find information on true wireless earbuds at https://www.amazon.com/AirPro-Display-Waterproof-Ear-Headphones/dp/B087RTK54G.

A company founded by industry professionals, the TBI Pro team of engineers, visioneers and creators, strive to improve on the best continually. The company's senior spokesperson says, "We see ourselves as explorers, traversing the world of modern devices and gadgets. When we find something that catches our eye, we try to look deeper, look inside it, and find out how it can be improved. And then we present it to you."

With this approach at the forefront, the company created its popular AIRPRO Wireless Earbuds, which boast a solid list of features:

  • Tws Bluetooth 5.0 allows for truly wireless earbuds. Bluetooth pairing is an easy one-step process and provides a distortion-free, fast, and stable signal transmission of up to 50 feet. Delivers an immersive, high-fidelity sound.
  • Long-lasting battery with up to 36+ hours of playtime. Up to six hours playtime per charge of tws wireless earbuds and up to five charges per case battery. At the same time, USB type C allows the case to be charged quickly.
  • Ergonomically designed earbuds stay in place and are comfortable to wear during activities such as running or during a workout. IPX5 sweatproof protection resists damage from ordinary water spray, rain, or sweat.
  • Charging case with LED display provides accurate visual information on the charge left in the case and the charge left on the wireless earbuds. Check the remaining charge during use in any mode: share, stereo, or especially solo mode to easily swap the earbuds.
  • Cvc 8.0 noise-canceling algorithm. The Bluetooth earphones algorithm cancels noise and wind for crystal-clear sound and hands-free calling in any situation. Both earbuds have a built-in microphone so that each earbud can be used for calls and Apple's Siri app.

The real-time charge indicator is one of the product highlights for users. The clean contrast screen is easy to read and has a protective glass cover. Many reviewers have shared the same thoughts about the battery pack, "The best part I like about these headphones is the battery indicator, looks cool and is very handy dealing with."

One very satisfied reviewer is happy to report their overall experience, "I had a chance to buy these earbuds to use during my workdays. They have a nice fit to my ear, and the bass quality was better than I expected. I can walk around and have a balance between external noise and what I am listening to. I also like that they are controlled by touch. All I have to do is tap them if I want to pause, play, change track, or answer a call. The case itself is quite nice. I love how it has a digital reading to see how much charge your earbuds have left. Overall, it's a nice pair of earbuds with a great charging case, and I would definitely recommend these."

To learn more about TBI Pro and its full range of high-quality products, please visit the company's Amazon storefront.






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