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    Breakups Set to Surge by 300% after 2013 Thanksgiving

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    Dating Advice industry authority girlfriendinaweek.com has released a new infographic, titled “Holiday Breakups: The Season to be Single”. The infographic also points to a possible love opportunity for those currently single.

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    The infographic highlights both the usual difficulty of getting a girlfriend or boyfriend and the upcoming opportunity as Thanksgiving welcomes in the much anticipated "Breakup Season". The 6 weeks following Thanksgiving (Thursday 28 November 2013) sees a huge spike in breakups.

    Research performed and presented by David McCandless & Lee Byron on the frequency of breakups throughout the year demonstrates that as soon as Thanksgiving hits, breakups start to surge until they hit a high point approximately two weeks before Christmas, after which they start to decrease.

    This information has been repurposed and combined with other relevant statistics to demonstrate the opportunity that people who currently find themselves single will have as the "Breakup Season" gets underway.

    Two critical statistics highlight the difficulty for current singles to find relationships:

    1) The average relationship length is 2.1 years, as indicated by a study of 170 men and women (91 female, 79 male, between the ages of 18-25) at the University of Guelph. 2) CNN has reported information from the U.S. Census Bureau, which suggests that 57% of Americans over the age of 18 are in relationships.

    While most of the year sees the most desirable mates unavailable, the Breakup Season is a chance for current singles to get in the game.

    The infographic suggests possible reasons for the surge in breakups, including desiring freedom in the New Year, avoiding buying expensive gifts and passing on the guilt of feigning love over the special time of the year. Whichever the reason, current singles probably aren't complaining at the prospect of that person they've had their eye on becoming available.

    The original infographic can be viewed at http://girlfriendinaweek.com/holiday-breakups.png

    Girlfriendinaweek.com provides advice for men seeking to dating advice, teaching them the techniques and mind-sets they need for success.

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