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    Dazzler Beauty Introduced New Video With Four Simple Summer Makeup Tips

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    Dazzler Beauty continues with its video series to assist the clients with skin care and makeup application in the summer heat. The easy steps shown in the new video will ensure long lasting makeup finish.

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    Dazzler Beauty (http://www.amazon.com/shops/DazzlerBeauty), a Texas based skin care and beauty supply company, launched a new video with four simple tips to help its customers maintain their beauty and cool during the hot summer months.

    "Summer is the season of outdoor adventures and fun activities," said Ms. Kacy McKinney, the company's spokesperson, "and you can still keep your skin from the irreversible sun damage while looking fabulous with just a few simple steps."

    Most women are aware of the importance of wearing adequate sunscreen while participating in outdoor activities. Quite a few of the quality makeup products on the market these days also contain some level of sunscreen to provide additional protection. However, it is always wise to remember to re-apply sunscreen frequently after staying out in the sun for an extended period of time, advised Ms. McKinney.

    Aside from minimizing the potential sun damage to the skin, it is equally important for most women to look naturally beautiful in the summer. The new instructional video provides some easy pointers on the selection of the right type of makeup products to use during the hot months, and how to keep the makeup looking light and stay on longer.

    "While balancing work, family and summer activities, it may be tempting to take a shortcut and apply makeup products with fingertips instead of proper makeup brushes to save time," cautioned Ms. McKinney, "but doing so may risk transferring germs from your fingertips to the face and cause skin to break out." The key is to have a few basic and essential makeup brushes in the beach bags or purses so a quick touch-up can be done in the most sanitary manner.

    As the season progresses, Dazzler Beauty plans to roll out additional videos to assist its customers on proper skin care and makeup application. Additional beauty tips and product discounts can also be found on the company website.

    About Dazzler Beauty Dazzler Beauty is a premium brand of quality skincare and beauty products for savvy consumers who demand exceptional quality at reasonable prices. Dazzler Beauty designs its products to enhance the customers' natural beauty through healthy and radiant skin.

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