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    Announcing New Discounts On Explainer Video Production From Reputable SEO Marketing

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    Reputable SEO Marketing has announced it will be offering discounts on explainer video production for all size companies, valid through March 31st 2017. Any clients ordering 2 or more videos will be eligible.

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    Boca Raton, FL: Reputable SEO Marketing, a video seo company which also specializes in corporate video production is based in Boca Raton and Deerfield Beach Florida and has just announced it will be offering twenty percent discounts to any company ordering 2 or more explainer videos, valid through March 31st 2017. It’s an offer that’s sure to prove of interest to any business owners looking to broadcast a professional message to internet searchers through the medium of video.

    Reputable SEO Marketing creates custom explainer videos for corporate businesses and small business owners across the nation. According to company founder Danny Rampelli, it aims to offer its clients the chance to also dominate local search results via video seo with multiple first page rankings. That’s a prospect that any business owner will welcome.

    Video marketing is a key strategy for any company, and there are several solid reasons why. “Video is the most shareable form of content,” explained Rampelli. “YouTube is the second largest search engine. It’s bigger than Yahoo, Bing, AOL and ask.com combined.” Having a solid, professional company video can dramatically increase a company’s exposure in a remarkably short time, translating to improved sales and a higher bottom line.

    “Videos stand out in the search results and get internet searchers’ attention,” said Rampelli. “Google displays only 10 search results as suggestions on the first page for each internet search so it’s huge if a company gets a spot on the first page with a video result. In fact, 93% of searchers never go to page 2!” This clearly highlights the importance of first page search engine rankings. “People trust Google,” said Danny. “By ranking first on search results, a company will be perceived as Google’s highest recommendation.”

    Reputable SEO Marketing offers its customers an impressively quick turnaround, taking just 12 business days to deliver a completed, professional grade company video. It handles all aspects of the production process, offering a level of convenience that most business owners will welcome. All clients need to do is to fill in a questionnaire and have a 1-hour consultation, leaving them free to get on with what they do best – focusing on their core business. The simplicity of the process and the aggressive pricing seems to set Reputable SEO Marketing apart from the competition.

    About Reputable SEO Marketing

    Founded in 2009, Reputable SEO Marketing is the leading SEO and video marketing company in Florida. It’s comprised of a team of SEO experts, entrepreneurs and web programmers, and has 25 years of combined experience in building companies online. As well as producing professional, slick looking videos, it uses its expertise to leverage video marketing to give its clients optimal exposure and improved leads. For more information on Reputable SEO Marketing, visit reputableseomarketing.com or call 561-961-8736.

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    We thoroughly enjoy working with companies that want to dominate local search results via video seo! We are committed to our clients and are always available, unlike many other SEO companies.
    - Danny Rampelli
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