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    Frux Home and Yard is pleased to announce they are now live on Walmart.com.

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    Frux Home and Yard has been working closely with Walmart.com and are proud to announce that they are now operating and live on Walmart.com.

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    Walmart.com is now featuring a large supply of Frux Home and Yard products. As of now buyers can purchase Fairy Star Lights, Luxe Extendable Fairy Star Light Set 78ft set, Luxe Extensions Only Set, Tea Lights with Luminaries, Tea Lights with Wraps, and their 3-piece Pillar Candle Set all online through Walmart.com.

    Walmart online first launched in 2009 and planned to add 1 million items per month to the marketplace, and Frux Home and Yard’s lighting has jumped in early on this. Walmart is mostly known as selling general merchandise at a significant discount, but it plans on selling a wider and fastly growing selection of products from brands like Frux Home and Yard. These new additions online aren’t carried in store yet but still offers at their well known Everyday Low Price Deals.

    The Fairy Star Lights are one of Frux Home and Yards top selling products. These Fairy Star Lights are said to be a lovely addition to any home buyers report using them for special events as they add ambient lighting to their home year round.

    Frux Home and Yard’s quality Tea lights with luminaries and Tea Lights with wraps make any room magical. Customers report using them to decorate their driveways, center-pieces for tables or even for events such as baby showers and weddings.

    Frux Home and Yards 3-piece Pillar Candle Set will be available as well. This beautiful set also comes with a remote control that has a 4-hour and 8-hour timer function and can be set to flicker for a more real appeal or provide a unique decorative option by staying in steady light mode.

    Now, the Frux Home and Yard collection are available for purchase on Walmart.com, the second most visited online marketplace in the U.S. as well as Amazon. Walmart.com will soon be adding Frux Home and Yards White Lunaxia Nylon Lantern String Lights as well as the Multi-colored Nylon String Lights. These lights are completely waterproof and safe to use outdoors.

    The Lantern string lights are ideal for the patio, on the railings, around the pool deck or lighting a walkway. Walmart.com will also soon feature Frux Home and Yards Decorative Votive wraps.

    The beautiful set of Decorative Wraps can transform your ordinary tea lights into elegant decor perfect for any occasion and with seven colors to choose from they are suitable for any event.

    Buyers are welcome to see the Frux Home and Yard line at Walmart.com, with enhanced product pages that feature videos and detailed information on their products. Frux Home and Yard is very excited to be branching out and to reach new customers. If buyers would like to purchase these products they can buy directly from Frux Home and Yard, Amazon, eBay, Etsy and now Walmart.com.

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    “Frux Home and Yard is very excited to announce our launch on Walmart.com. Walmart has been growing faster than the overall e-commerce market, and Frux is growing with it."
    - Mike McDonald, Frux Home and Yard
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    Mike MacDonald



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