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    Hot Tub Prices Camarillo, Ventura Dealer Shares 3 Ways to Improve Attitude

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    Portable Spas, Hot Tubs and Swim Spas Dealer Serving Camarillo and Ventura Publishes “Three Ways to Improve Your Attitude for a Better Life.” Offers Free Hot Tub Test Soaks to Camarillo and Ventura Residents.

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    Spa-Warehouse, a premier Camarillo and Ventura hot tub, portable spa and swim spa dealer participates in National Positive Attitude Month.

    “It is nearly impossible to avoid stress, but how people deal with it mentally and emotionally will determine how well they adapt and survive. It can be the key to success and happiness, and it isn’t as hard to be positive as some people think it is,” said Jim Vishnefske, president of Coastal Softub at Spa-Warehouse.com.

    Since October is national positive attitude month, here are three ways to improve a positive outlook in order to live better and healthier.

    Find Time to Play – In today’s busy world, work, school and chores can end up becoming overwhelming and take up the entire day. These are important aspects to a good life, to be sure, but there has to be some time to relax, have fun and enjoy the day. Because people are so busy, it is easy to forget to have fun and make time for play.

    Treat play time like any other daily event and schedule it into the day just like a meeting or appointment. Even a few minutes spent doing something that is fun and frivolous can lighten the mood of the entire day. It also gives people something to look forward to when dealing with stressful school, work or home situations.

    Change Conditioned Responses – It is actually easier to be negative than it is positive. In some ways that is due to the conditioning people receive on a daily basis, and how they allow themselves to be shaped by them. Consciously  making a decision to think differently may sound forced, and at the beginning it is, but like negativity, positive reactions can be contagious and once people learn to think positively, it becomes the ‘go to’ reaction for everything.

    Create a Blissful Surrounding – Make a spot in the home that is serene and comfortable. One great way to do that is to add a Camarillo hot tub to the patio, porch or yard. Hot tubs are calming and give everyone in the family a place to instantly calm down and get rid of the stress and anxiety that has built up during the day. They can also help prepare people for the day ahead.

    People wanting to learn more about hot tubs and portable spas are encouraged to visit the company website and pick up a copy of this free report “Insider Secrets to Choosing the Best Hot Tub" Visit,  http://www.spa-warehouse.com/hot-tubs-ventura

    “To help local residents understand how portable spas, hot tubs and swim spas can help improve overall health and well-being, Spa-Warehouse will provide free hot tub test soaks during the entire month,” commented Vishnefske. They hope to encourage local residents to check out the benefits of a relaxing soak in the soothing waters of a hot tub for themselves.

    About Spa-Warehouse Coastal Softub takes great pride in offering spas that are “Made in America”. As an A+ rated member of the BBB they offer their customers a comfortable, inviting buying experience and they offer no-cost on-site home inspection prior to placing the order for a spa.

    With a proven reputation of over 40 years of expertise in luxury hot water relaxation products, they represent the MAAX family of products including Elite Spas, and VITA Spas, California Cooperage Hot Tubs as well as the PowerPool Swim Spas.  Their variety of spas, give customers a wider selection of features, design and style of spas all from the same manufacturing facility in Chandler, AZ.

    To learn more, pick up a copy of their free report “Insider Secrets to Choosing The Best Hot Tub" Visit, http://www.spa-warehouse.com/hot-tubs-ventura or call (805) 654-9000.

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    It is nearly impossible to avoid stress, but how people deal with it mentally and emotionally will determine how well they adapt and survive.
    - Jim Vishnefske, president of Coastal Softub at Spa-Warehouse.com
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