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    Pennsylvania Workers Shouldn’t Feel Embarrassed About Filing For Workers’ Comp

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    Despite being injured on the job, many PA workers hesitate to file a workers’ compensation claim for one simple reason – they are embarrassed.

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    Every year, thousands of American workers become injured on the job. Injuries range from cuts and bruises, to broken bones, spinal damage, head trauma, burns, crush injuries, eye injuries, and even mental health disorders. Yet, despite suffering large financial losses due to these injuries, many chose not to file a workers’ compensation claim.

    Research into the matter has discovered a shocking fact - that many workers are too embarrassed to file a claim. There seem to be two main reasons for this. First, that their own actions contributed to the injury they sustained and they don’t want to admit it. Typically, the only time a claim could be denied due to the workers’ action is if they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at work or if they were not acting in the scope of their job. Second, that they don’t want to admit to an employer or to others that they may need financial assistance.

    Workers’ compensation insurance policies exist to protect a worker, regardless of who was at fault for an accident. In addition to this - the worker’s personal financial standing doesn’t matter. All that needs to be shown is that they sustained a loss, through medical bills and lost income. It is also important to remember that these policies also protect the employer - once filed, a worker cannot pursue a personal injury lawsuit against them.

    These feelings of embarrassment are also commonly exaggerated by the stigma that collecting workers’ compensation may have. This social stigma typically portrays injured workers as freeloaders who are taking advantage of a system that is available to them. But generally, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Most applicants are hard working Americans who have little to fall back on during hard times. Injured workers should never be afraid or embarrassed to get the coverage they both desperately need and deserve.

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