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    PoundWishes Celebrates a Pet Adoption Milestone

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    PoundWishes, the advocacy group and web resource, now lists over 65000 pets and nearly 3500 partner animal shelters in its network. The service connects animal shelters and thousands of followers to help generate funding for special-needs pet medical treatments.

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    PoundWishes, the online resource and pet advocacy group, announced recently that it has partnered with 3418 animal shelters across the United States. The shelters in the organization’s partner network list almost 66,000 adoptable pets. These two numbers are significant milestones. The group is dedicated to helping pet lovers connect with animal rescue groups and shelters nationwide in an effort to secure funding for special-needs medical care for pets.

    Since the site’s founding in 2014, the group has been able to fund 150 medical treatments for at-risk pets in shelters. These treatments have included medication for skin conditions, resetting of broken limbs, and emergency surgeries. “Every PoundWish represents a chance to help pets get the medical attention they need,” says John Hussey, co-founder of the organization. “The treatments are aimed at getting those at-risk pets out of shelters and healthy enough to be adopted by loving families.” To search for shelter partners, visit http://poundwishes.com/rescues-and-shelters. Inspired by a leukemia-stricken child who was Make-A-Wish Foundation recipient, PoundWishes seeks to give special-needs pets a fighting chance at finding a forever home. Because so many animals are euthanized in animal shelters due to lack of funding or treatment facilities, the organization saw a need to help give pet lovers a chance to help. The organization’s shelter and animal rescue partners post detailed information about a special-needs animal. The huge community of pet lovers who follow PoundWishes are then able to grant those wishes, helping pets receive specialized medical care like surgeries, prosthetic limbs, and behavioral retraining. PoundWishes maintains a database of partner animal shelters across the U.S. Site visitors are presented with an easy-to-use interface to locate shelters by ZIP code or by shelter name. Interested shelters may sign up to use the organization’s online services quickly and easily. “When shelters or rescue groups become partners, many tools become available,” says John. “PoundWishes offers social media integration and free pet adoption listings to its partner members.” The organization’s website is filled with success stories of animals helped by the funding generated by users – animals that found pet lovers and homes with the generous help of PetWishes and its innovative online resource. About:

    PoundWishes is an online resource and advocacy group that aims to connect pet lovers with rescue groups and animal shelters to raise much-needed funding for special-needs pets. The group focuses on pets in desperate need of medical treatment, sharing that information with pet lovers to generate donations to help fund those treatments. Since its founding in 2014, PoundWishes has been able to fund more than 150 such medical treatments, including surgeries, medication, and rehabilitation. PoundWishes works with animal shelters nationwide.

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    Every PoundWish represents a chance to help pets get the medical attention they need. The treatments are aimed at getting those at-risk pets out of shelters and healthy enough to be adopted by loving families
    - John Hussey, CEO
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